Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 

Hey mom! I hope Thanksgiving was fantastic and that you ate enough to make you feel sick.  

Well this week we received word about the new initiative for the church about "He is the Gift" which is an effort we’re putting to help people worldwide  to remember the true meaning of Christmas and that Christ was the first Christmas gift. You can watch the short video and learn how to participate more in this movement by visiting I would encourage everybody to take a look.  

This week was pretty cool. This morning we played opur turkey bowl, but the ball I had acquired from an old missionary broke. Like tore apart at the seams but it was still very fun. We had a mini thanksgiving with our investigators from north America Juan y Mari, with the Bishop from our ward and his family. Juan and Mari made some major strides and are reading the BoM now!!!  Juan is still somewhat hesitant but I see the potential there. We actually had a lesson with them and President Arrington and his wife, and the missionaries in charge of the new missionaries.  I think it went very well. We were kind a nervous because it was weird teaching; 1. in English. and,  2. in front of mission president. But it went well.  That’s all we can ask for, right?                                   

In Church, apparently I’m the only one who knows how to read music so I’m officially the organist. I do regret not being more diligent with my piano. We have to organize a choir for a Christmas activity and I can barely play the right hand of most of the songs in the hymn book. AHHHHHHHHHH but all is good.  I just practice prelude music and it works out well.  

Two cool/funny things happened this week. Elder Del Rosario was giving stickers to some kid during a lesson and I looked closer at the packaging. Greenbriar mall Chesapeake Virginia 23320. WHAT!?!?!  The world could not be smaller. Also we were walking down the street and we saw a member family so we stopped to say hi. Then a monk turned around the corner and the son of the family started screaming "RUN ELDERS, A MONK!!!"  Instead of “run there’s a Mormon.”  It was really hilarious. I laughed quite hard.  

Elder Del Rosario and I are okay.  I am trying to find  ways to help him have more hope. He’s been in this ward for 3 months and not seen a lot of results. I understand how that makes a person feel but I feel like if he was more excited and have more faith,  the work would go better too.   It’s an odd situation. 

Well, I received my Christmas packages.  Now comes the long wait to open them in 24 days!!!!!! 

I stress again the Importance to visit and also use the #sharethegift on any social media to as many people to help them remember the true meaning behind Christmas. And if you’re not a Mormon, and you like what you see, I’m sure there’s 2 guys or girls who’d love to talk with you more about the video.  

Feliz Navidad and enjoy all the Christmas songs on the radio!!!  

Elder Watts
Juan, Mari and Ella

Chile Thanksgiving 2014

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