Monday, March 30, 2015

March 9, 2015



So glad to hear you’re feeling better! Still take care of yourself and let people help!  

This week was a weird week. We didn’t make much progress with the Menos activos, but Angi and Elvis both came to church. The young men are not fighting over who is going to accompany us to teach Angi. I guess she was a big hit in Sunday school.

Elvis also had a good time.  He was cracking jokes with the other people here so that’s’ a good sign! We’re visiting him tomorrow to help him keep preparing for the 28th, his baptismal date!!! 

This week amongst our other daily activities, we had interviews with President.  So we went there and downloaded a video called Scripture Legacy, that talks about what might’ve happened if Moroni hadn’t been able to bury the plates! The ward home evening this week talked about the importance of scriptures and then under direction of the Bishopric, we issued the challenge to the ward that everyone to read the Book of Mormon tapa a tapa! Most everyone accepted! We’ll be helping them develop great habits and the blessings from daily scripture study 2 Nephi 32:3 (Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.) 

I am also in Alma and appears to be in the same part you are.  Alma just met up with Amulek! It really does make a difference when  two people share their testimonies to someone at the same time. Also, I noticed that the Nephite civilization was a democracy, which goes to show that God´s plan has always been a plan of choice. The people decide, no king to rules, only judges to uphold the law, which the people created. 


As far as cambios, I have two weeks left here and then cambios are the 23rd.  I honestly feel like I’m leaving LA. Why you ask? Because I’m comfortable.  When I was comfortable in Chillan.... I got cambioed. But we shall see! I’d love to stay but I also know that if I’m called to leave, the Lord wants me somewhere else.  

I love you and hope you keep feeling better!  

Elder Garrett Watts


March 30, 2015

Hey Mom,  

This week was busy.  Getting to know the new sector, new companion, new members, and a new challenge in the work… GIANT HILLS.  We live in the Chilean version of Norfolk downtown with the naval base just up the road. The only difference is Norfolk is relatively flat, Talcahuano is a community built upon hills. Elder Bennion and I are getting plenty of leg work going up and down these bad boys. We tried running one of the longer flights of stairs in the morning for exercise... we made it about halfway before our legs just wouldn’t rotate fast enough to keep up. But it’s all good. We’re working out more consistently, trying to eat better, and really trying to organize our efforts here in the ward.  He’s only got a month here in the ward so we’re kind of starting off from square one.  We have the same focus as Lorenzo.  Cleaning the vase from the inside out. We also got a new ward mission leader (freshly released bishop) and he’s super excited to start working.  

The ward is good.  The majority of the members live in the sector of the other missionaries in our ward so we don’t have a great connection with them.  We’ve got plans to start making connections.  Elder Oso (bear in spanish) made a big hit this week when we introduced him to a family that lives in the ward boundaries.  They just moved here from Venezula!  We’ve got a noche de hogar con ellos este miercoles  (an appointment with them this Wednesday). 

Ademas, este semana, estabe reading in Alma 40ish about the resurrection and the Atonement.  It was so important what Christ did for us!! We wouldn’t have any option but to suffer and be cut off from God if it weren’t for him. There’s actually a new video this week called #becauseHeLives that really talks about how his sacrifice, the Atonement is available to for all of us because He Lives, He rose from the dead, He broke the bands of death and gave us the opportunity to repent and be forgiven. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m grateful that Savior loves me enough to save All of us, and to personally redeem me.  

Both Elder Bennion and I are terrible about taking pictures.  Sorry, but this week there’s a drought.  We are enjoying each other’s company and making each other laugh from our mission experiences so far. This week. we will be doing a lot of soul searching and revelation seeking while we listen to General Conference. I’m going in with the question, “How can I invite the spirit more to testify of what we’re teaching.” Now. I just gotta pay attention for the answer when it comes.  

Got my Easter package.  Thank you!!!  I won’t open it until Sunday. 

Okay, I love you and I hope you have a fantastic week.  

Love Garrett 

March 23, 2015

Hey mom,  

Fast letter today.  Gotta make time to say goodbye oto everyone.  I’m getting transferred to Barrio Centro in Talcuhuano!  Im going to be company with Elder Bennion!  I KNOW RIGHT!!! Hello football practice every p-day!  

I’m gonna miss Lorenzo Arenas.  I’ve really grown to love these people and its hard leaving.  I know that it’s because I’ve learned enough or progressed enough to move on.  Today is going to be rough with packing and all the goodbyes.  I can only hope that the next ward is the same or better. 

I’m reading in Alma 34.  I love the parable Alma gives in chapter 32 about the seed.  Being an active member, being someone who believes 100% takes WORK!  It’s a process and requires patience.  It is literally the perfect analogy.  

Pictures to come of everyone from the ward next week!  

Ok, I love you!!! I’m sorry for the short letter but the clocks ticking!!!!  

Sneak peak of the dream team!!! 


My new companion, Elder Bennion

I'm gonna miss Brother Del Rio!

March 16, 2015

Hey mom,  

Al tiro, I got the packages for valentines and the shoes!  The candy did not last long between my comp and me!  It was delicious thank you so much!  

This week was good but not great.  We did all of our regular visits in the first half of the week to leave time and find new people to teach. That time set aside to find went into a lot of companionship bonding.  We did find a couple of antiguo investigadors who we have appointments with this week. 

Angi came to church again, and according to the teacher of the youth Sunday school offered to say the closing prayer! Elvis couldn’t make it this week out of town all week.  

Antonieta is doing great! She's so awesome! She (as well as the rest of the ward) have accepted their challenge to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.  We have been going out helping them by reading together and also giving them a map to follow their progress by coloring in the steps of the map.  The farthest anyone has gotten in the first week was up to Jacob... that’s like 170 something pages!!!!  Chileans read fast!  

The Ward home evenings keep going well but the key is to help the members have a spiritual experience every day with the SCRIPTURES.  

I’m currently  in Alma 23! Ammon just taught King Lamoni´s dad.He’s a powerful teacher. I also read this week about when Alma and Amulek were in jail.  Elder Villasanti made an excellent point when they prayed for the strength to free themselves, they didn’t pray that their problems would just disappear, but to have the strength and fortitude to overcome their trial. Good example to follow!! 

It might be my last week here in Lorenzo Arenas, so I’m going to work extra hard! Gotta make the best of it! 


Garrett Watts :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear mom, 

This week we had a really good week. We learned how the success of our mission can be influenced during the hours of 7:30 to 11:30 when we do our personal and companion study time.  Elder Villasanti and I have received a testimony of this promise. Elder Villasanti and I made a real effort to make sure we read and have companionship study every week and we've been more united and the Lord has been blessing us and keeping us very busy at the same time!  

I currently finishing the book of Mosiah.  I sometime wonder how Abinidai felt... putting his heart and soul into his devotion of the Lord, and seeing no fruits while he was alive, but there was a fruit. Alma. He was converted and became a prophet and helped many come unto the Lord.  Abinidai never knew that before he died, but he trusted in the Lord and His plan. So if I’m a seeder and if that’s my nitch so be it.  I’m gonna seed the best I can and Trust the Lord.  

This week we decided to mix things up regarding our exercise time.  We went to the church so we could do exercises.  Some of the missionaries shot hoopes   I used the soccer gate as a sled and worked on my steps and staying low.  I’m not going to lie, I forgot how low I use  tot play!   We had a good time.  Elder Villasanti offered to be my blocking dummy... that lasted for approximately 3 minutes before he thought better. hahahahaha 

Angi, as well as a lot of other people we visited this week... WENT TO CHURCH!   However the following week we had Stake conference and somehow our communication on where the services were did not deliver.. but oh well, everything’s for a purpose! 

We did a couple of service projects this week.  Went underneath a couple houses, dug some very large holes... it was a good time.  I learned that I’m not clostrophobic.  But, I don’t like dirt falling on my face... underneath a house... either :) YAY CHILEAN PLUMBING!  

But that’s us.  Staying occupied.  Elvis is doing great.  He's meeting bishop tonight.  We also me a man named Tito yesterday who seemed very interested and was very nice when we passed by and talked with him.  

Pray please for Conny Maldonado Lopez, a little girl in our ward, the granddaughter of our mamita.  She's in the hospital right now and it’s not looking like she’s going to be the same because her little brain swelled up a lot.  Some sort of virus or something.  Please keep her in your prayers, were asking for a miracle if she retrains 90 of her functions!  

But I love you.  I know my Savior lives!  I’m a very happy, very content missionary. And I’m a Mormon. If that wasn’t obvious..  

Elder Watts  

love you mom : )


February 22, 2015

Hey mom!  

This week was really interesting! To start off this Wednesday we had a family Ward evening in the chapel talking about talents! So, we ended up having a talent show.  Elder Villasanti and I sang a couple songs! Other members danced the national dance of Chile, danced salsa, or recited poetry. Other brought some delicious food to share stating their talent as a chef. I have to admit, everything EXCEPT baking, the people here make great food. THEY CAN’T MAKE A COOKIE to save their lives.... I think we’re going to have an activity one week just to teach everyone how to make real cookies.  

Angi, the young woman who found us by going to English class came to church this week and is completing her commitments to read the Book of Mormon. Her mom is supportive but also a possible point of conflict. We are prayerfully going forward. Please keep them in your prayers. 

We went back and saw Sandra Tapia again, had a really powerful lesson on the Atonement and the Restoration. At the end she felt inspired to ask her mother if she wanted a priesthood blessing because she’d been having nightmares.  So we gave her  mother a blessing. While Elder Villasanti was giving the blessing, we each had a very powerful experience.  Each of us felt a strong negative presence that did not want to leave.  Elder Villasanti closed the blessing by saying the Hermana would be blessed that the bad spirits in her mind and body would leave instantly and that the Spirit of the Lord would be with her.  At the end of the prayer, we all felt peace and tranquility.  I know this Gospel is true.  Experiencing the power of God blessing others when blessed by one ordained with His priesthood,  is a life altering experience that I will hold true throughout my life.  There was definitely something there that did not want to leave, but with God only good will dwell.  

This week we have another visit with Elvis planned. We’re really busy and staying that way. There’s lots of stuff to do here in the Ward. But were working hard and really trying to focus on the spirituality and not just numbers or statistics. The Ward seems more unified now, or at least less divided. We are all moving in the right direction. 

Recently finished reading King Benjamen’s speach. That dude was wicked smart.  I would invite everyone to read Mosiah 1-4 with the question of "what is it that Mormon’s believe?" These verses says it all.  

Have a great week. Please keep our ward in your prayers and Vayan con Dios :)


Elder Watts
Elder Villasanti and I sharing our talents


February 16, 2015

Hey Mom,  

This week was a lot of working with members!  We had a great time in a couple family home evenings and we found a new investigator who's name is Sareah Muñoz.  We had a really powerful lesson with her about God´s plan for us after our mortal death! We have another appointment with her this Wednesday! We happen to be assigned to help the elder's quorum so this past week we began the very fun process of create home teaching pairs and setting goals for the quorum. We are basically Hmo Vera's counselor until we get his counselor activated.  

During studies this week I studied about service and how the life of the Savior was all about this devotion and effort.  In Mosiah 2:17 it talks about how if we in the service of your fellow man, ye are only in the service of your God... So this week we have a lot of service lined up! It is one of the best feelings to help others.  

Side note, We had mini football practice today, Elder Bennion Plays D end and I’m at O line so today we got together and did some one-on-ones and other drills and we both realized we need to do this with more frequency! It was really good!!!  

That was basically our week! We really felt guided yesterday in our planning by the Spirit so this week looks promising!  

Love you all! 

Elder Bennion

Brother Del Rio is our great Ward Missionary Leader!

February 9, 2015

Hey mom,  

So cambios came around and Elder Villasanti and I are staying together!! whoohoo!  

We went to a really cool beach/cliff spot with the other missionaries and a couple brethern from the ward on our p-day! It was a really fun time. Check out the photos on the link I sent you.  The coast of Chile is beautiful. 

This week was really tranquilo... We met with Juan a couple times.  He's still got some doubts about the nature of God.  But, he’s praying about it which we are grateful. 

We didn’t get a chance to meet with Elvis this week. He started taking insomnia medication so he goes to bed early and wakes up late, the times we use to go see him.  

The other elders had a baptism this week and there were two ward baptisms. 

Also random comment, there was a dodge ball tournament the other week and now the meissino knows me as they guy who broke the window.... This week we also did service projects for ward members.  Hopefully the service will bring blessings :)  

Study time this week I finished 2 Nephi and started Jacob. In 2 NE 33, it talks about Charity being the real way to express you conversion to the Gospel.  I liked that. I’m going to work on being more charitable this week.  

Love you, 

Elder Watts

Looking down onto our destination

Brother Del Rio

Still got it!  I'll protect you!

Looks like a small hike.

Now that was fun! 

Elder Villasanti 

We made it!

Just gotta love my companion!