Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th email - Transfer to Concepcion

November 17, 2014 


It was such a cool experience.  It was Elder Villarroel's and my first baptism in the mission. He went 1 year and 3 months without a baptism. I can’t imagine the kind of patience that takes! Thank you so much for your prayers. Lidia is doing great.  She went to Relief Society last week and seemed to really like it.  I think she’s gonna be a strong member. She even said she wanted to pay her tithing before we confirmed her a member. Bishop loved that!  

This week is cambios.  I am happy and also sad to say I am leaving Chillan and I’m heading to Concepcion!  I will be in the Lorenzo Arena Ward with my new companion Elder Del Rosario. I know he has a Latino name but apparently he’s from Cali and I’m excited to work with him there.  

I’m am not however looking forward to packing.  I got very use to the setup we had in Los Volcanes.  But change is always for the better.. right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is. It is supposed to be cooler in Conce for the summer so there’s already one blessing already!  

Elder Jensen's family came to church last Sunday to pick him up to go home. It was very very strange seeing so many gringos in church.  Even weirder to hear them call Elder Jensen by his first name Ryan. But they had a good experience and the ward was very welcoming. Hard to see Jensen go.  We became very good friends but his time is up and mine’s just starting! Gotta keep working hard and put that shoulder to the wheel.  

Well, I’m sad to go but I know the sector is in good hands. We made massive strides since I first got here. Elder Villarroel and his new companion elder Chuctaya will do great in keeping the work moving forward. They’re actually closing a sector in Los Volcanes.  This means we’re going form 6 missionaries to 4. Elder Young and I are leaving and our companions Elder Villarroel and Elder Chuctaya (same guy from Santiago ccm who has been with me my whole mission) are companions.  

As far as studying this week, I’ve decided that out of all the books in the Bible, I like to use most teaching from Ephesians.  Paul counsels the Ephesians with how to organize and run the Lord’s Church and the importance of the Priesthood.  The epistles to them are awesome.  The Priesthood must be present to do the Lord’s work on the earth. 

Ahhh... changes. Leaving has me thinking that Lidia was the one waiting for us.  Now that she’s been baptized it’s like "alright, on to find more people searching for the Gospel."  That has me excited!  I just hope and pray it doesn’t take another 4 1/2 months to find that person who's waiting for me in Lorenzo Arena!  

Thank you again for all your love and support!  

Elder Garrett Watts


Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 

Hey mom! Thanks for the update on the SA conference you did.  I’m very glad it went well for you and that they want you to come back and do more! Is my mom good or what??? 

Crazy story that happened this week....  we brought 7 menos activos to church and 3 investigators and LIDIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!...This Saturday.  She’s 85 year old we met earlier in October! She is so awesome.  When we talked about the Word of Wisdom she told us she already hadn’t been drinking/smoking/coffee/tea for the last 30 years! The Lord really prepares people!  

It’s crazy that we brought so many to church cuz we didn’t have a lot of lessons but the ones we did have were high quality. quality>quantity right? That’s what I think.  

Please Carol in your prayers.  She is really having a hard time since her dad passed away.  

Para que sepas: Officially needed to punch new holes in my belt to keep my pants on. Your man is gonna come back skinnnnnnnnnnny :P but not too skinny cuz I love chocolate too much.  

"Dan Ganas de" means to crave or to have really want. There is a brand of juice down here  called "Watt's" like my last name. This picture is really funny to me… anyways…hope ya like it….. :)  

Elder Villarroel and I are doing good. Still working on stuff between being motivated and being more diligent. I think we’re getting better.  

During studies this week I really came to appreciate what kind of Man the Savior was. He was perfect in that he obeyed every commandment even though he was tempted ALOT!  I used to kind of think of Him as this emotionless person but know I’m starting to realize what made him unique.  He overcame all temptations perfectly.  It’s something to strive for, to work at constantly. Being more like Him will help us all bring others unto him and live His teachings.  

Please know I think you’re all amazing.  I’m so grateful for your support in the work here. I love you and I know that My Redeemer Lives. 

Elder Garrett Watts

Just for Brock

Elders team for the regional soccer tournament.


November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 

CIC BACK IN CO SPRINGS! I’m excited. The elder from Army and I had a little wager and now he owes me a DR PEPPER!  I haven’t had one in 4 months and I’m very excited. Funny stories from this week. We met someone on the street and he was wearing a Busch gardens Williamsburg hoodie.  Made me very homesick for about 28 seconds. But it’s all good. We’re gonna stop by and visit him in his house this week hopefully.  

All the investigators that were progressing kind a disappeared. Carol is living with her mom now to help out because her dad died.  Lidia was out all week in the country with her family and Graciella couldn’t make it to church this week. But we found another person named Rosa who met the missionaries back in the 70's when they were teaching English class. We found her on Saturday and she went to church with us!!!  

I was really tired this week, physically and emotionally. There’s a movie that I would invite everyone to watch by Elder Holland called the Atonement and missionary work. It’s really worth your time. Especially if you’re going through a rough patch.  


Also Elder Villaorroel said something this week that I really liked, "Estamos salvando el mundo Elder. No podemos hacer un mejor obra en la faz de le tierra" translation.  "We are saving the World Elder. We cannot be doing a better work on the face of the earth.”  

We are trying to reach out to more in members in our Ward. We are sharing with them that the best cure for their problems is to share the gospel. I know it’s working for me. Being a missionary is probably the best experience I’ve had in my life so far!  

I love ya bunches and I really hope all of you know that, especially you mom.  

Please pray for Lidia, Carol, Graciella and Rosa, that they can feel desires to keep progressing. I’d really appreciate it.  

Take care! 

Elder Garrett Watts
Halloween Ward Party.  We were secret agents.  Elder Villaorroel was President Obama.



October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 
Dear Mom, 
Greetings from the ever heating up country of Chile! Kind of an oxymoron right?  
We had another good week this week. Worked al ot with members and got 2 people to come to church again. Lidia is progressing well but as far as we understand she’ll be in the country with her family this week so it will be more difficult to teach her.  
Bad news though. Carol, the single mother we’re teaching was supposed to come to church this week but her father passed away Sunday morning. It’s gonna be a difficult time for her but we will focus with the message of the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully we use this opportunity to strengthen her testimony. 
On a brighter note, We have a Halloween party this week at Church. People are weird about Halloween here.  If you dress up you automatically are a devil worshipper, so some people were hesitate to make plans to have a costume party.  It should be a good time. We’re gonna teach them all Halloween games. All we can think of is bobbing for apples. So, it might be a short teaching session.  Hopefully Carol and her son Matias can come and maybe that’ll help lift their spirits a bit.  It is very likely our costumes will be changing nametags.  A few of the people down here found the picture from my FB of when I wore the Bane mask to school and have petitioned me to bring it. Alas, it is a no mask party, just like in the States. 
OH! We found a mural with Stitch this week. Had to grab a picture. Also in Chile they make "pancakes" here, put ice cream inside and then roll it up like a peanut butter roll up. Not gonna lie, I think they might be onto something here.  
Also, AF v ARMY next week if understand correctly? Let’s go Falcons!  
Thanks for all the support and love you give. You’re the best!  
Elder Garrett Watts