Monday, November 10, 2014

October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 
Dear Mom, 
Greetings from the ever heating up country of Chile! Kind of an oxymoron right?  
We had another good week this week. Worked al ot with members and got 2 people to come to church again. Lidia is progressing well but as far as we understand she’ll be in the country with her family this week so it will be more difficult to teach her.  
Bad news though. Carol, the single mother we’re teaching was supposed to come to church this week but her father passed away Sunday morning. It’s gonna be a difficult time for her but we will focus with the message of the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully we use this opportunity to strengthen her testimony. 
On a brighter note, We have a Halloween party this week at Church. People are weird about Halloween here.  If you dress up you automatically are a devil worshipper, so some people were hesitate to make plans to have a costume party.  It should be a good time. We’re gonna teach them all Halloween games. All we can think of is bobbing for apples. So, it might be a short teaching session.  Hopefully Carol and her son Matias can come and maybe that’ll help lift their spirits a bit.  It is very likely our costumes will be changing nametags.  A few of the people down here found the picture from my FB of when I wore the Bane mask to school and have petitioned me to bring it. Alas, it is a no mask party, just like in the States. 
OH! We found a mural with Stitch this week. Had to grab a picture. Also in Chile they make "pancakes" here, put ice cream inside and then roll it up like a peanut butter roll up. Not gonna lie, I think they might be onto something here.  
Also, AF v ARMY next week if understand correctly? Let’s go Falcons!  
Thanks for all the support and love you give. You’re the best!  
Elder Garrett Watts 


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