Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 

Dear mom,
Well, now that I got that out of the way, looks like it was a good week both north and south of the equator!

We actually had a really great week. We had so many members go with us to appointments this week and WE HAD TWO PEOPLE ATTEND  CHURCH!!!  One of them is named Lidia. This sweet little old lady wants to get baptized on the 15th of November.  Please keep her in your prayers that she can keep progressing and feel ready to be baptized when the date comes. She’s 85 years old so I think the hardest part will be getting her literally under the water. Old people do not like to be completed submerged underwater. This is probably the best week I’ve had on my mission so far. Now just to figure out what we did different this week and keep it up.
I thought this was worth sharing. We found a single mom named Carol and her 4 year old Mathias this week. I couldn’t help but feel a strong connection to her. OBVIOUS REASONS. But anyways she’s progressing slowly.  She had a baptismal date for the 15 but didn’t make it to church so this week were going to focus on introducing her to members so she can make friends and feel more comfortable coming to Church.  Also we are hoping to relate EVERYTHING to eternal families because what brings her the most joy is Mathias.
Here’s some photos to make up for the drought. Elder Ospina left for Talcohuano and Elder Villarroel got here from the other side of Chillan. Also. NO we will not go HOME! Except Elder Jensen, who goes home at the end of this cambio. Ha, funny.
Got the Halloween package. We destroyed it. All gone in 3 days. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You’re seriously the best mom.
Whatever we did this week I know we can be better. There is always, always always room for improve.
All my best, 

Elder Watts
I'll miss you Elder Opsina

My new companion, Elder Villarroel

No we won't go home!  We love the Chilean people!!!

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