Friday, November 20, 2015

October 26, 2015

This was probably the busiest week of my mission up until now.
First of all the interview with Sen. Warner's board went well! The only struggle was on the issue of CURRENT EVENTS in the US.... of which I have no knowledge whatsoever. Actually, some guy in the store last Monday started yelling nonsense at us in English about colors and the Archangel, but I’m not quite sure if you can count that as current events! But the call went off smoothly so Thanks technology!
This week we were flying around! Maria Lopez, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned her, decided with her boyfriend that it would be best to separate. She's getting ready for her baptism this Saturday! She's super excited and her 8 year old son Maximo is also excited, He says he wants to get baptized but we need to make sure about his level of commitment. Maybe that’s because we are teaching two kids actually. Martín is the grandson of the branch pres. He is the literal embodiment of the Chilean goofy. The kid is a ball of energy. It makes the lessons a little stressful with the both of them being so wild, but I guess it’s practice for parenting! 😅😓
The awesome part about this week was our work with the members, We worked with a different member almost every day compared to the month before.  The goal this week is to keep the members excited and keep up the progress!
This week in my studies I finished Jesus the Christ. I am really grateful I’m coming to know Him better over my mission. In my interview with Senator Warner’s committee they asked me if the mission had been a life changing experience,  I shared with how much it has been. It truly is the best 2 years!
This week we have a lot of visits planned with Maria and Maxi to make sure they are ready and sort out all the details for the baptism! Hopefully in the process we can get to her daughter Catalina (14) to take lessons. Maria really wants the best for her 2 kids, you can tell it in her eyes.
We also found out the stove in our house works!!!  So we made some Betty Crocker cookies (thanks to Elder Livingston) and I really really think that homemade cookies would be the best thing for this country. That, or The Gospel..the latter I’m sure of it! haha.
I’m currently studying in Helaman.  It really called my attention how Nephi loved his people but at the same time was almost inconsolable because of their iniquities. The trick I feel to missionary work is to really love the people you serve!
Well, time is short and internet is slow, but I LOVE YA!

Elder Garrett Watts
"Eat Chickin"


October 19, 2015

Well this week was pretty active! We had the ground breaking for the temple in Concepcion. It is awesome to see the progress in the mission and the country to have the blessing of a second temple!  Speakers including the area presidency and President Arrington, did the groundbreaking ceremony!
Teaching wise, we have a solid group of people who are doing well. Martin, the grandson of the branch president, is a goofy kid and the family is progressing well. We started teaching about the commandments this week!!!!
Another family were teaching is the Pastenes family. The oldest son Christian told us to come by to visit his less active father and two sisters, (all the kids are in the mid 20's). But the mom isn’t a member. They really like church and have come the last two Sundays. We are trying to get the mom to open up a little more. It appears her husband speaks for her, but every lesson she opens up more and more!
Maria Lopez is our eternal investigator because of her marital status.  This week we all felt it was her time to act. She’s being really strong because all of her family is bullying her because of what she believes.  She feels like her kids aren't getting the right idea of what the Church is because her dad and brothers are always bashing on it. But this week we gave her a blessing of comfort and I really felt that in the next couple weeks she's going to commit herself with a baptismal date
I got really deep into the book “Jesus the Christ this week and the war chapters of BoM. It made me think about how when you keep the commandments as soldiers, like the Strippling Warriors.
Well Elder Livingston and I will stay together this cambio.  So we’re gonna stay hard at it and help them to come unto Christ!
OH!  I also am starting language study of Portuguese!  Gotta take advantage of the gift of tongues while ya can!

Okay have a great week!

Elder Garrett Watts


October 13, 2015

So this past week flew by really fast. We had a lot of visits with people who are progressing well.  Our biggest challenge is helping the less actives have a desire to come back to Church.
I was pondering Moses 1:39 and about how it is truly WORK.  I also thought about the saying, if you like your job, you’ll never work a day in your life."  I think the two go hand in hand. If you like the Gospel, or the effects it brings, then it’s not going to feel like work. It will be an escape and a refuge.
I did receive the package.  I made sure that hno Ricardo Del Rio got his football. He's going to be ecstatic.
Workouts are going well.  Shaved a little more time off my sprint and stamina is getting better daily. The house on the other hand has fallen a bit, and is no longer that clean image I described last week. But tomorrow is mission wide cleaning day so problem solved!
Well, got to go to work! More to come next week. Thanks for everything you do mom!

Elder Watts

October 5, 2015

Haha, I'm so glad you got to go to conference. The speakers truly were inspired!
While reflecting on what I’m going to apply these next couple months, I have decided to ponder the Elder Durant’s talk.  It really struck home! That and saving a bit of money every week isn't a bad idea either!
We had the opportunity to find a lot of really good people this week, but for some reason or another, only Martín came to church. Martín is the 9 year old grandson of the branch president and we are working with him and his mom to be ACTIVE and to sanctify the Sabbath so he can be baptized in early November!
Elder Livingston and I had a good week, It’s been raining a lot this week but thank goodness for those boots sock things I have!  Saved my shoes and my life various times this week.  Hopefully spring will spring sooner rather than latter!
We really have been making an effort to keep the house clean. I understand now why Mom was so serious about the cleanliness of the home. The Spirit is much more present. Now that we have gotten more control over the house, we have progressed to our patio, which had weeds about up to my knees. HAD. Key word there. With all the rain the past couple days the earth was very soft and we took advantage to uproot all the weeds and now we’re thinking about starting a garden, to have tomatoes and some other veggies in the house.
We read in Alma 17 about how Ammon "desired to dwell amongst the Lamanites, perhaps until the day [he] died." I think that’s the main reason why the houses in the mission fall into such disregard, because the missionaries are always thinking, "Me voy de aqui, asique por que poner un esfuerzo!" but if we have that attitude that I’m just gonna leave here, we'd never do anything, we'd never teach, heck we wouldn’t even make our bed or shower, because the house is just gonna get dirty again.. right?
Now we need to get better still. There are a couple bad habits we still need to overcome, but I know that the Spirit is more present with us throughout the day when our home is kept.
It’s strange what you get out of conference right???
Well, this week there should be sunny skies so hopefully the weather forecast proves true!

Have a great week and stay safe. Give hugs to everyone!
Elder Wattws

September 28, 2015

This week was full of activities in the branch, getting ready for the branch conference we had yesterday. We really strengthened our relationship with the members, and have seen the blessings already. This really is the Lord’s work. One member commented to us right before he gave us a referral to visit his sister. "You guys are animated and serious about your job. Go get my sister and bring her here!"

This week, David had to leave on a trip for a while, we’re not sure when he's coming back. We found a couple of new people to visit but we need to be better at helping them actually come to church. It’s the only way to really want to change. On Saturday we had a cool experience. While looking for a referral from the branch president, we wandered lost in this one neighborhood and kept coming back to the same street. We decided to abandon that effort and left to leave with a recently reactivated young man who really wants to activate the members of his quorum. After 3 appointments that we had set up falling through, we finally asked him, "Where do you want to visit?"  He started walking over to a house of another less active young man. When we got to the street we couldn’t believe it but it was that same street we kept coming back to!
We knock ton he door, he let us in and told us. "I was thinking about going to church tomorrow... this is like a sign I think!" And he came!  The YM president was on his game, and we’ll be seeing him back soon!
It’s an awesome thing to be a missionary.  i had a dream the other day i went to Water Country USA, but here in Chile. I think part of my brain is already thinking about home but I really like being a missionary!  It is AWESOME being able to see people’s lives change! A guy I baptized in my last sector , Gonzalo, just emailed me and he and the family just BEAM!  It was a blessing to be a part of that.  Just gives me so much more energy, plus the fact that I only have 9 more months to be able to do this work!!!!! It goes by way too fast!
SO, this week I’m not going to sweat all the things at home. I’m just going to work my best to make sure someone else here in Linares has that same happiness. Mosiah 2:17 right???

That was the week! Hope you have a great day!
Elder Watts

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

Dear Mom,
Well, the highlight of the week was yesterday, when we were able to help a couple understand the importance of being married. The woman, María Lopez, REALLY wants to get baptized. She has truly converted and has mentioned how frustrating it is not being able to do what she wants (and needs to do) because of her civil standing.
Well as far as preparation for the PT test, I’m doing well.  Got up to 5 pull ups now so tha’s an improvement of the 2 I could do when I got to this sector!  I feel like the sprint is going to be the hardest. Hopefull, the weather will warm up this week.  It may be spring but it’s still winter here.
I was asked to give a talk at the branch conference we will this week. The talk is on how we can prepare and get something out of the conference talks and classes. It was perfect because the following week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Overall were just getting in our groove still. This week was pretty uneventful for us (even with the earthquake).  All the families are with their families in the CAMPO (countryside) for the Independence day activities. We missed out big time, but still managed to get some really good empanadas!  So, it wasn’t a complete loss!
The branch put on an activity and we ended up being waiters.  One more thing to add to my resumé!!  Lol
David didn’t end up coming to church, but we found out that he's probably not going win his court case.  We will be patient and support him as he goes through his trial.
During studies this week, I learned from the example of Amulek. You can be a great missionary and really get to the people, if you are patient and soft spoken and ask good questions. SO, I’ve tried to be soft spoken. For example here is the discussion I had with a less active sister recently: "Okay where are we gonna see you? IN church! , Okay, and at what time? 10am!  Now how about you show up early? OKAY!  What are you gonna do tonight? READ! and why? BECAUSE I NEED THE BELSSINGS, ALRIGHT HERMANA!!!! WOOHOO!!  She ended up making it to church.  I still need to be fine tune my approach, but I am getting better.

Have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Watts

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well, this week was pretty fast paced to say the least.  Getting to know the members, investigators and companion that all come with a new sector.
Elder Livingston is a really relaxed dude. We crack each other up.  We have really hit it off well. Probably has to do with the fact that we’re both from the greatest state East side of the Mississippi, VA.  #VAinVAdesLinares.
We have an investigator whose name is Davíd.  He is very cool. Has a past he’s really trying to forget about and the only thing that is delaying his baptism is his own insecurity. He hasn’t had a lot of the doctrinal lessons.  So this week we’re really going to focus on how he can come to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and the truth of the Book of Mormon.
I’m currently studying in Alma.  Had a really good week of studies and my testimony grew about patience in our trials.  Alma and his people weren’t allowed to pray but they put on a happy face and did the best they could with the situation they were given!  The Lord knew the prayer of their hearts.  I think we could all be a little better at that, and I‘m currently focusing on that.
Also, I have been asked my President to make a set of workout videos for the mission with the Zone Leaders.  I will send a separate email asking Coach Getty if he can put a program together.  If he is not, could you ask Ricky.  I need some ideas for a 30 minutes body weight program. We have limited access to stuff like that. The reason President is asking for that is because he doesn’t want us going to/paying for gyms and the workout videos that are available to us have less than modest apparel.
All in all, doing well. Animated and working hard. Please pray for David and that he will feel the Spirit and receive answers to his questions and commit to being baptized at the end of the month!

Elder Watts


Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 7, 2015

Well, I’m off to Linares!  This week was super hectic but it ended up well. Gonzalo and Pamela got married on Friday and on Saturday they got baptized. It really was awesome to be here and to be able to help them on their path as an eternal family. I know they’re going to de great and through their faith in the Lord they’ll make it to the temple to be sealed!
Elder Bowden is going to finish up his training with a Peruvian Elder and I’m going to finish the training of an Elder Livingston, the only other guy from VA in the mish.
Two more elders from the Academy get here tomorrow.  We’ll see if I’m in the same zone as one of them!
Lots of pictures this week. Not a ton of time with the Academy stuff I have to do. Trying to stay on top of everything and still have time to pack and say goodbye.
Elder Bowden is going to do great as a missionary and I’m glad I was able to be with him during this cambio.
I’m reading a lot lately about how Abinadai.  He didn’t’ baptize a single pèrson, and almost nobody listened to his teaching until after he was gone. I wish my testimony was as strong as this Prophet.  But that’s why we’re here, to learn and to serve and to come to know the Lord for ourselves.

Elder Watts
Pam and Gonzalos Wedding


Being a missionary

Elder Bowden


August 31, 2015


Glad to hear the Read family games are still going strong!

This week was difficult, mostly because Gonzalo came out of nowhere with a bunch of doubts regarding the BoM and Joseph Smith. We all fasted to help him receive answers to his questions.  We know the Lord will answer his prayers..

Not a whole ton of time but a spiritual thought from studies this week.

Enos is one of the 1st chapter book in the Book of Mormon.  He is well known for the scripture that says "and my soul hungered, and I kneeled down before my maker". The verse before that however stresses the importance that Enos’s father Jacob had prayed in his hunger for God. He talks about how the words that his father said repeatedly passed through his mind until they reached his very core!

I know that I have a great mom who did the darn best she could. She worked her butt off to make sure that I was raised up right before the Lord. The Gospel is applied in the home!

SO, thanks mom. For everything since day 1,  You’re the best! LOVE YOU!!!!

Elder Watts

August 24, 2015

Hey mom!
This week was good but weird. I kind of got the feeling I was going through the motions or not giving it my all, but I’ve been doing everything the same up until this point. I think that was the Lord’s way of letting me know that what I can actually do is much more and that I should give a full 110%.
Elder Bowden is getting a little bit better regarding his boldness. As missionaries, we have to be able to say the hard things, lovingly of course. He expressed to me that he was feeling a lot of stress inviting people.  He is a bit shy.  So we’re both working little by little to help him be more open and feel more comfortable with the job we have to do.  As a trainer, I am actively thinking of different ways to help him.
Pamela and Gonzalo are doing great.  We encourage them to strengthen their testimony regarding the Lord and the Restored Gospel.
We also talked with President this week in interviews. He asked us to share our favorite scripture.  I shared 3 Nephi 18:19-21.  I firmly believe that when we are constantly praying, than we won’t fault under pressure.  I know that my future wife and kids are being blessed because of my decision to pray now and to keep praying. It’s the breastplate of our spiritual armor.
While with the President, we also talked a lot about missionary work for those who have passed on (Family Search). I would like to know a little more about Grandma Herwig’s parents. Please ask Grandma to send me her thoughts. Thanks.
Mom, you’re the best!  I want ya to know that.
Love Garrett

August 17, 2015

Dear Mom,

PAMELA AND GONZALO GET MARRIED THE 4th! He and Martin their son GET BAPTIZED THE 5TH!!!!!!  Right before transfers on the 7th! Gonzalo said he was really was moved by the Priesthood blessings we gave to Martin who was sick one day this past week. The next day, Martin was at 100% and Gonzalo felt his answer about the true power of God and where it was located.
AHHHH I’m really excited! We’re focusing a lot on finding new people to teach before I go and Elder Bowden can continue with his step dad and keep the sector going strong!
This week in the BOM, I finished 1 Nephi and fell in love with 2 Nephi 9. I can’t wait to study it again because it really explains the Atonement! President Arrington talked to us this week about how the only person who puts a limit on the amount of help we receive from God is ourselves (2NE 9:9).
Everything is going well with Elder Bowden. He is getting a lot better with his Spanish.
I’m preparing to take the fitness test for the Academy.  We are starting to run more continuously and I feel much lighter. I don’t’ know how much I weigh right now but I’m watching what I eat and doing workout stuff every morning.
Got the package. The hot chocolate was a lifesaver and the Quaker oatmeal is so delicious!  Thank you so very much!!!
I found a TRX band down here for 10.000 pesos ($16) and that’s helping me with some new exercises!
Thanks for the wonderful stuff from Sacrament meeting! I’m slowly reading that book you sent and lots of other literature that requires first priority.  Fantastic choice of card. Tough cookie, very nice!

Mom have a great week!

Elder Garrett Watts

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 10, 2015

Dear mom,
I imagine you’re tired after the week in camp. I too am feeling a bit under the weather. It’s has been rainy and windy almost every day this last week.  I’m little tired physically and mentally. I am working to get Elder Bowden up to speed in the sector so he can help me.  He’s doing fantastic.  He's got a real motor on him! I am accustomed to have a more senior missionary then me as my companion.  So it’s weird being the one who is remembering everything, doing the phone calls, etc. He has progressed miles in his language though. The next challenge is getting him comfortable using the phone! It’s a lot different when you can’t see someone’s lips and hand motions.  But I know he’ll do good.
As a mission we started BOM over together. We’re on 1st Nephi 20. It called my attention to how much I respect Nephi had for his father when his bow broke. Lehi was complaining, Laman and Lemuel were being the typical antagonists.  Even though Lehi was complaining, Nephi followed courtesy, the chain of command, respect for his father, whatever you want to call it, and asked him where he should go to find food. WHY???? Things like this make me ponder on how to be more like those men of the scriptures, men of character and honor!
Pamela and Gonzalo are committed to go get a date of matrimony this week at the civil registry!  Fingers crossed that its before I leave!!!!!  I really care about them a ton and know that we’ll be friends for a long time! They’re simply good people.
Something else that has crossed my mind, despite the fact the Chilean’s have a different culture and different values and all sorts of things that bother me sometimes or I don’t understand... I love the Chilean people. I love serving them and being here. I wouldn’t trade this for anything! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Have a great week!

Elder Watts

August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015
So glad you had a fun week. I too have noticed the power of hymns. Whenever we enter a house and we can’t find anything to teach, I try to sing a hymn and usually some inspiration comes!
This week has been different! I’m still getting the groove as far as being a trainer. I’m really trying to make sure Elder Bowden is learning and progressing, but the language is a big challenge for him. Its weird teaching Spanish!!! I understand that it’s really hard for him. He is progressing with his language like I couldn’t have hoped for! The first day jitters seem to be gone and now we’re starting to get in a better groove as a companionship. Found out that he was the drum major in his high school band and that his dad builds replacement spines! How crazy is that!
This week, as a companionship we have been trying to be more grateful for the blessing we have received! We really have started to notice more how many blessings we receive when we pay special attention to be grateful for all of them. Makes me think how ungrateful I was before the mish. Mom, thank you for all the sacrifices you made and make for me! I am forever in debt to the Savior as well, and I’m so grateful for His Atonement!
D&C 78:17-19 was the scripture of the week! Take a look if ya want!
Gonzalo y Pamela came back from Chillan.  Elder Bowden invited Gonzalo to be baptized after their marriage and he accepted wholeheartedly! I felt so proud of my son!!!!  I almost shouted for joy!! Pamela is getting really active too! We eat lunch with them tomorrow even!
Sergio and Andrea are filling out their family tree and are doing well. They cant’ stay for  the entire meeting block cuz León is really cranky by the end Sacrament meeting.  But they have the desire to learn more about the Church and Temple work!
That was the week! Not too many new people, but some might develop in the next week! We shall see right?
Much love!  

Elder Watts

July 27, 2015

Hey mom!
Well cambios came in today and Elder Bennion is heading off to Linares as a zone leader! It’s gonna be hard seeing him go. We got along really well and had  alot in common.  God willing we'll be hanging out in Colorado this time next year!
I have news!!!! I’m going to be a dad! Now don’t miss understand.  Being a dad in the mission means I’m going to train someone! It’s going to be a trial by fire of whether or not I can be a good leader. I was thinking about the examples of leaders in the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. Of all the greatest is The Lord obviously! He always cared to make sure that his disciples learned and learned well, that they were taken care of, and that they had opportunities to have their faith tried and to grow even stronger. President Spencer W. Kimball gave a wonderful talk exactly on being a Christ like leader. I’ll be reviewing and it for sure!
Andrea got baptized on Saturday!  The faunt was taking a really long time to fill up so we had to start filling water in pots from an instant heater to get the water up high enough! Elder Bennion had the blessing of being able to baptize Andrea and the following day or yesterday, I was blessed with the opportunity to confirm Andrea a member of the Church and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It was a wonderful experience.  One of the member family we visited with, Hna Carla Miranda, gave a fantastic talk about how the Holy Ghost has been her guide and best friend during her activation in the church! The Spirit was very strong and hopefully Sergio and Andrea will never forget that moment and how they felt!
This week in studies, I made the commitment to use a study journal. Man, I wish I had used it from the get go! I am more alert and I retain more information this way! I am currently in D&C 77.  In D&C 76 there is a lot of really intriguing information about the kingdoms of glory! In the BoM I’m working on the tree of life chapters in 1st Nephi.  I am really trying to understand the way that we can help those who are lost in the mists of darkness!
I’m excited for the change, for the opportunity to train, and hopefully for some drier weather! Have a great week at girls camp mom and stay busy!
Lots of love!
Elder Watts


July 20, 2015

Hey mom!
Andrea did come so this week we have a baptism!!!  Pray for her please and for us during this last week before she becomes a member!
Other than that the week was fairly standard, visits every day.  Still in the process of finding people that will progress in the Gospel.  The good thing is we’re actively getting into houses and not just in the street every day in the rain.
Well, we’re on the last week of the cambio and Elder Bennion is most likely out of here.  He's got 6 months in the ward. It’s been a fun 4 months with him.  Reminded me of a lot of stuff I had forgotten about serving with patience and being persistent. He's a very good young man and I look forward to this week to work hard with him.
I too am in the D&C but I’m going on section 74. I especially liked 68:2-5. It talks about how and when we are inspired by the Spirit and our words as priesthood holders are scriptures. I need a lot of work to be able to have the Spirit with me all the time.  But I’m really trying. No matter how many times I mess up or do something without thinking, I know that The Lord will be there to help me up and get better each time. While I’m striving to fix myself, I can help others realize the things they can change to feel better with God.
I know that Jesus lives and he loves us. He's willing to help when we look towards Him for that divine help.

Elder Watts


July 13, 2015

Hey! Glad to hear you’ve had a great week!
We had a bit of a slower week this week. Lots of rain so the days went by longer when we didn’t’ get invited into homes. But, we had the wonderful blessing to be able to help a woman named Ana with her groceries!  The way it works here, is when the market comes into town, you buy on that day. Well, the market came to town on the worst rainy day of the week. We were walking down the big flight of stairs and we saw this woman waiting on someone’s porch. We asked her if she needed help and she said, "no, I’ll just wait until the rain stops."  We quickly pointed out that the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon!  So, we picked up her bags, which were like 50 lbs each, and carried her groceries up the stairs. When Ana walked, she had a limp. We asked her what happened.  She had 4 strokes in her 50 years of life.  She was actually waiting on her brother in law to come help her with the groceries, She had been waiting for almost an hour in the pouring rain. It feels wonderful to be able to help someone in such a simple way but have a really big impact.
Our investigators were all no más this week. Pamela and Gonzalo took the family to Chillan for winter break. and Sergio and Andrea had to work a fundraiser for the foundation where they receive help with son, León. Yes, his name means LION! It’s awesome, but anyways, they didn’t have the energy to get up in the morning, so her baptism will be pushed back a week for the 25th of July! Please keep her in your prayers so that she can be baptized on the 25th!
Other than that we found a couple new people.  We will see if they want to learn more or if they were being polite to get us out of the rain
Al righty. That’s about it. Hope you have a fantastic week and keep on keeping on.
Much love,
Elder Watts

July 6, 2015

Hey mom!
This week was a good one!
I really tried not focusing on the fact that it was my one year mark because frankly there was too much other stuff to do.
Andrea came to church and feels good about her baptism on the 18th! Gonzalo and family came too. The less active woman we’re teaching got a calling in the Relief Society.  Overall we feel content for the week of work we had.
Saturday, the 4th, was a day of much juice giving (to give juice means to waste time). We had our English class, we taught about family history and learned the names of family members! Afterwards Chile was playing in the final of the world cup, so president gave the entire mission permission to see the game.  Then, I have had the opportunity to teach a football team down here once a month for the last 3 months.  Saturday was their first game! They invited all the guest coaches.  I sang the National Anthem. I folded and held the flag of the United states!
Elder Bennion and I Tare getting along well. The other elders and I also get along well. We had a shaving cream fight last night. It was good to unwind a bit. Elder Martinez and I will be starting a new cardio focused workout regimen to drop the gut down a bit! Wish us luck and energy!
Hope the 4th was a fantastic day for y’all, even though Melissa mentioned it was a bit wet!
This week while studying the Doctrine and Covenants, I found out that in chapter 42 there are several one liners that I found inspiring! Take a look at it and see if you can find some!
Got the package with shoes and journal. Thanks a ton mom!!!!
All righty, that’s about it folks. Hope ya had a great week! God bless!
Elder Watts

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015
Hey mom!
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! You're 239 years old this Saturday and you’re looking great!
This week was awesome! Andrea decided she wants to get baptized! Please keep her in your prayers and that we can help her get prepared by the 18th! Also Pamela and Gonzalo came to church again! They even asked where they could buy a hymn book and a triple! AHHHHH how I love seeing the Spirit work in people! Gonzalo took a blow this week though, He got fired without cause from his job. While he was filing paperwork and talking with lawyers in Centro (downtown) every day this week, he always, ALWAYS, saw us, or the other elders. We didn’t always see him but he took it as a sign that God was really looking out for him in spite of all the crud that was going on.
This week we took some time to go meet the members that live up on the peninsula of Tumbes.  There are a companion of other elders assigned to this area but we’re starting to work better as a unit of 4 that we want do get to know the members out there. There is one partial family that is progressing well, Carlos (inv) and Caroline (member). They went traveling to visit family because Carlos is a marine and had leave, but he really knows that the church is true, and is mostly hesitating because of what his family might say. But we taught all of them, the members and that family, a lesson about following the voice of the Spirit and not that of the world. I thought that regarding the news of the Supreme Court decision, now more than ever, we need to tune in spiritually and stand up for what is morally right and true. I believe the Family is a sacred thing, and that it is something that needs to be defended. That anything outside of a husband and wife is an outright mockery of the gift that our bodies and the ability God gave us to bring life into the world.
This week I have been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, and I liked a verse that talked about, all the commandments are spiritual in nature.  Yes some of them involve a higher state of bodily living, but that in turn is to affect our spirit. I know this to be true. That our body and spirit are so closely connected that anything we do to one affects the other in due change.
Well, this week we’re going to be visiting Andrea a lot.  Also we found a bunker to explore like battery cave in Maine!  We’ll check that out next Monday.
I don’t feel like I have a year left. The time goes by way too fast. I still have too much to do before I come home.
Elder Watts

June 21, 2015

June 21, 2015

Elder Villarroel thinks you´re the best!  We were talking because he heads home at the end of this cambio.  We noticed that time flies really fast.
This week was awesome, we worked extremely well with the members and visited with a different member almost every day. We also had the blessing of being able to find a couple of new people to teach, Pamela and Gonzalo made it to church, along with the kids. They involved themselves almost instantly. The best part about all of that is we left them with a copy of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and they LOVED IT!  We will focus on encouraging them to get married.
This week I really have felt the spirit, especially during our English classes. We taught the principles of prayer in English. Our Bishop’s wife is SO DEDICATED!  She has from the beginning of class greet us with (the little English she knows and her pronunciation is perfect! Hopefully the class keeps growing and we can use it to find new people to teach!
We had the blessing to be able to view part of the Copa America, in the home of Pamela y Gonzalo. IT was a really good game, Chile won 5-0 over Bolivia. They advanced to the quarter finals and play this week! VIVA CHILE!!!!
The new elder in the house, Elder Martinez, is a MMA fighter and motorcycle lover from Distrito Federal en Mexico. We all 4 get along very well. I haven’t laughed as much as I have this week on the entire mission.  Hopefully we can keep it up. Today we watched the sunrise after we picked up laundry and I thought how right Elder Bednar was when he said “the light of Christ is more like the sunrise, the gradual illumination which scatters all the darkness.”
I also saw a cool parallel with the path to heaven, Paul said the streets were paved of gold right. Have you ever seen the sunlight shining upon the water at daybreak. It’s like a straight, narrow path of gold leading to the warmth and glory of the sun. Just some cool things passing through my head.
Well, hopefully this week we have an even better week. Glad to hear all is well on the home front.
 I love ya bunches.

June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015
HEY Mom!
This week was another good wet week! Started the Academy process and I could "go home" in a year form this Thursday, so ‘im pretty trunky! I will overcome!
Elder Bennion and I will be together for ANOTHER 6 weeks, there were cambios and we stayed the same. So this will be the longest I’ve ever been with a comp. This is the third time for him that this has happened.

This week’s noche de capilla was really good. Almost 60 people came, including the Art family we’re teaching Pamela (member), her boyfriend Gonzalo and their 2 kids, Martin(9) and Mateo(6)
They seemed to have a blast!  But they had company show up on Sunday morming and couldn’t come to church. They hope to get married this winter (summer here). 

The coldest day this week we had some extra time so we decided to go out on the pier and take pictures of the city from the other side of the harbor. When we got there we found a man that was really bad off. And he even told us "how did you know I was here? Art you angels?" We since haven’t been able to meet with him again but that experience really got to me and let me know God knows when we need a boost or when we’re possibly at a the point of making a drastic decision that we'd regret later. It made me think of the Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, where the bell rings and you know the angel gets his wings. It is awesome to be the tool the Lord uses to help others.
THIS WEEK I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON for the first time by myself ever… and in Spanish!  It is a true book. What it teaches comes from God and I invite others to read and ask God if these things are not true, like Moroni exhorted us to do. I am now starting in Doctrine and Covenants! More knowledge and counsel lays in store!

Have a great week!!!!

Elder Watts

Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey mom! 
On the 22 June an hermana from my ward will be at the Washington D.C. Temple. She should’ve sent you a message on facebook last night. Her name is Eliva Cocacola, her real name is hna Quiroz! BUT SHE WANTS TO MEET YOU!!!!!!
This week was very rainy.
I have recommitted myself to write in my journal.  I really like it.  I find ithelps me remember stuff from the last week better. 
Speaking of stuff from last week, we taught Catherine about the Atonement by Elder Bennion eating a red hot chili pepper so she didn’t have to. He suffered quite a bit../ eyes watered, lips numb, it was great! Catherine seemed to understand, however she did not make it to Church. We’re going to give her some time to think about the things that have been taught.  Please keep her in your prayers.
We found a couple other families this week.  One of them was a man who was interested in practicing His English. He is out of work and former navy.  During our lesson, I felt the Spirit so strong when I told him this gospel is helping me to prepare to be the best father, the best husband that is possible in my being.  Hopefully he and his family will remember the Spirit and will see us next week.
Sunday was awesome, fast and testimony day. All the leaders of the ward stood up and gave short quick powerful testimonies.  I felt inspired to be more diligent in my efforts with the ward.  Also, I had a cool experience this week. I’ve been doubting if I should go back to the Air force Academy or go to BYU or some other regular school and have to opportunity to start my family earlier. Both sides have their benefits!  So I fasted.  I received my answer in the most obvious way. We were in priesthood and the teacher asked, "and what happens if you’ve ask a good question, a relevant one, and done all you can, and its regarding something important and... you still don’t get an answer? Elder Watts?" Well I responded,"its probably because you already know the answer, you just don’t want to accept it." and yup... The words came out of my own mouth…the Academy is where the Lord wants me to be!  Heavenly Father answers prayers, and He is so interested in what we have to say. He´s quite literally the best!
Alright, gotta go edit the letter for the Academy now!  Have a great week! 
Elder Watts

May 25, 2015

Hey mom!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE.  Thank you to all the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen who serve the great country of the USA! I am proud to say I’m American.
This week was different because of the trio. We visited new parts of our sector, and had to develop a new teaching style with the three of us.  Elder Letelier is back on his feet so soon it will be just Elder Bennion and I.
We did a lot of exploring and found some very dangerously muddy trails looking for off the beaten path houses. Ended up falling several times.  Grateful for detergent.  Iit was really fun to find all these different points of view of the sector we always thought we knew like the back of our hand! 
Catherine couldn’t visit this week because of difficulties in our schedule and in hers.  We found a couple new people. All because we shined our shoes. In a desperate chance to do something to receive the blessing to find new people, we decided to shine our shoes.  Believing that when we take care of what we already have, God will bless us with more! AND it worked! Now we will see if the pattern continues, and I have faith it will.  We will also have to up our game and clean our house! 
In my studies this week, I was in the book of Mormon, in the Book of M0rmon.  It was during the difficult situation Mormon is put in, being the general of the army of a wicked nation. I imagine it would’ve been very difficult to not have the support of your people who had the least bit of intergrety or honesty. Which brings us back to Memorial Day. Unlike the Nephites at this time, Honorable men and women lay their lives down on the line daily to make this world a better place and for us to have our freedom of choice. For them I am grateful! However, I’m more grateful for the knowledge that Christ lives, and that He loves me and He wants to help me in every waking moment. 
Today, we played and taught ultimate Frisbee in a zone activity.  I really really really... miss sports! It was a great time getting out there in the brisk morning and running around. I know its May and hot there, but here it’s getting to be quite... wait for it... Chilly.  Get it? 
So have a great day, I leave you with that pun! 
Love you,


May 18, 2015

Hey mom! 

This week was awesome! It included a bit of everything. 
I’m in a trio now! Elder Ruz from Spain will be joining Elder Bennion and I this week, and maybe the next until his companions feet get better.  His companion was operated on both feet. Poor guy, shouldn’t be walking but he’s trying his best to mask the pain. So President Arrington told him to take a week off and work in the office to recuperate. Please keep Elder Letelier in your prayers that he might get better.
One of the people we taught in Conce, Brahyan, was baptized yesterday! He is dating a girl in our ward, so he came to all the activities, lessons and stuff we had in the chapel.  When he told us he wanted to be baptized, he revealed that he lived in THNO (Talcahuano) and then I got sent to THNO!!!! I was super excited cuz I thought it was fate when his street name appeared on our map... but he lives in our neighboring ward. So I passed the reference, and two months later He got baptized. A LOT of people from Lorenzo came also, aaaaaaaah que recuerdo. It was great to see all of them again. 
This week has been ups and downs though.  The hills have become a bit muddy and Elder Bennion’s shoes don’t have the best traction.  We met with a ton of people this week. One of our goals was to expand the work load to more than just the typical few. When  we got to Sunday, our investigator Catherine had to work to cover for her uncle, and the rest of our people didn’t show. 
We strive to have the Spirit always to really help the people feel what we’re saying.  We always feel we can do better.  We pray that the investigators keep their commitments we're extending so they can really see the difference the Gospel can make in their lives. I have to say that I’ve seen how good it feels, the kind of person I’m becoming because I’m doing these 3 little things that are so simple:  read, pray, and go to church.  Alma 37:6 explains it perfectly and we can apply this to any situation.  When you focus on the little things, Great things come to pass.  But that’s if we do the little things! 
This week in the trio we’ll continue to strive for the company of the Spirit.
Have a great week!


Elder Watts

May 11, 2015

Hey mom!
It was fantastic seeing you yesterday, I hope mother’s day was amazing and that whatever food ben made wasn’t absolutely terrible :P 
Grant is better huge! BROCK’S TALKING!!!!!! What is happening!?
This week we had trouble finding the people we already found. We have been focusing on finding future leaders, and we believe the Lord is answering our prayers, because we've found young energetic people who could help put the spark back into our elderly ward here :) We just have to take care of them. 
I’m currently studying the Savior’s ministry amongst the native Americans in 3 Nephi. I like how He makes a specific point to say to them "Pray in your families, that your houses, and family might be blessed. The family prayer is so important and we see a lot of people who start to stop believing because they haven’t kept that open line of communication with the Lord.
We met a fisherman from California named Rocky (Rupert) who is here getting dental work done....  Don’t ask me why but he came to our noche de capilla and shared about how one of his buddies, had lost his boat and how he had always been an active member of the Church and how the Church helped get him back on his feet to provide for his family. He was impressed by the unity the Church displayed! It was a cool experience to see how God prepares people to be receptive. Hopefully we can meet up with him again!!! 

Okay, have a great week!!!
Elder Watt

May 3 2015

May 3rd
Hey mom! This week was kind of hard. We worked really well! Had a ton of appointments and went out with a bunch of different members, but when it came down to Sunday we fell short of what we had hoped for.
This week we got to go check out a Chilean historic site, the RH Huascar, a moniter style ironclad that the Chilean navy captured from the Peruvians in 1870s. We took lots of fotos.  It was a really good experience.  Now we know why half the streets here are named the way they are! It was weird being escorted on a military naval base though. Felt out of place, like I should be the one escorting.  You will recognize that Elder Kenmner made an appearance also. (the blonde from Lorenzo arenas) 
This week our ward had the ward temple trip, so they took the 8 hour bus ride up to Santiago to help out their ancestors and also themselves! We were left to feed ourselves for lunch.  Remember how the returned missionaries from our Ward who served in Chile always talked about the Chilean hotdog, well they’re called Completos.   We made a LOT of them in the house cuz they’re super cheap. I would have never thought to put tomato or guacamole on a hotdog.  It’s really good! Elder Bennion shoveled down like 9 preparing for his fast.  He regretted that decision later. The dude just eats and eats and can’t gain a pound, while my guata (gut) has seemingly begun to appear more and more like I’ve been eating too much bread. Well, time to start dieting again. 
Marioli and Belén had the "pleasure" of being invited to go the country side this weekend... so they couldn’t come to church or meet with us much. We think that Marioli is looking for some HUGE sign as an answer .   Belén seems more calm about it, keep them in your prayers that they can receive an answer and recognize it when it comes. 
Sergio and Andrea are slowly learning the commandments. He likes coffee, and she likes tea, but hopefully they can find the need to change. She seems more open to that than he does. We will be visiting them this week with our ward mission leader Hno Efrain Puchi. He's sweet, 30 year old father of two, reminds me a lot of Ben in that he's got his head screwed on pretty straight,  We’re working very well with him! 
HUGE SUCCESS in family history! Got everything as far back as like 7 generations.  Please send me more about Grandma Katie.  Could you update her info in family search and maybe put a photo? if not send me the info and this Saturday I’ll upload it all!
Oh, Elder Bennion became a district leader. He is responsible for 2 other sectors besides us. I’ll be sure to try to help him out as much as possible as he tackles haha get it, he plays d line, this new challenging assignment from president! 
Love you!!!

Elder Watts