Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey mom! 
On the 22 June an hermana from my ward will be at the Washington D.C. Temple. She should’ve sent you a message on facebook last night. Her name is Eliva Cocacola, her real name is hna Quiroz! BUT SHE WANTS TO MEET YOU!!!!!!
This week was very rainy.
I have recommitted myself to write in my journal.  I really like it.  I find ithelps me remember stuff from the last week better. 
Speaking of stuff from last week, we taught Catherine about the Atonement by Elder Bennion eating a red hot chili pepper so she didn’t have to. He suffered quite a bit../ eyes watered, lips numb, it was great! Catherine seemed to understand, however she did not make it to Church. We’re going to give her some time to think about the things that have been taught.  Please keep her in your prayers.
We found a couple other families this week.  One of them was a man who was interested in practicing His English. He is out of work and former navy.  During our lesson, I felt the Spirit so strong when I told him this gospel is helping me to prepare to be the best father, the best husband that is possible in my being.  Hopefully he and his family will remember the Spirit and will see us next week.
Sunday was awesome, fast and testimony day. All the leaders of the ward stood up and gave short quick powerful testimonies.  I felt inspired to be more diligent in my efforts with the ward.  Also, I had a cool experience this week. I’ve been doubting if I should go back to the Air force Academy or go to BYU or some other regular school and have to opportunity to start my family earlier. Both sides have their benefits!  So I fasted.  I received my answer in the most obvious way. We were in priesthood and the teacher asked, "and what happens if you’ve ask a good question, a relevant one, and done all you can, and its regarding something important and... you still don’t get an answer? Elder Watts?" Well I responded,"its probably because you already know the answer, you just don’t want to accept it." and yup... The words came out of my own mouth…the Academy is where the Lord wants me to be!  Heavenly Father answers prayers, and He is so interested in what we have to say. He´s quite literally the best!
Alright, gotta go edit the letter for the Academy now!  Have a great week! 
Elder Watts

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