Sunday, July 12, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey mom! 

This week was awesome! It included a bit of everything. 
I’m in a trio now! Elder Ruz from Spain will be joining Elder Bennion and I this week, and maybe the next until his companions feet get better.  His companion was operated on both feet. Poor guy, shouldn’t be walking but he’s trying his best to mask the pain. So President Arrington told him to take a week off and work in the office to recuperate. Please keep Elder Letelier in your prayers that he might get better.
One of the people we taught in Conce, Brahyan, was baptized yesterday! He is dating a girl in our ward, so he came to all the activities, lessons and stuff we had in the chapel.  When he told us he wanted to be baptized, he revealed that he lived in THNO (Talcahuano) and then I got sent to THNO!!!! I was super excited cuz I thought it was fate when his street name appeared on our map... but he lives in our neighboring ward. So I passed the reference, and two months later He got baptized. A LOT of people from Lorenzo came also, aaaaaaaah que recuerdo. It was great to see all of them again. 
This week has been ups and downs though.  The hills have become a bit muddy and Elder Bennion’s shoes don’t have the best traction.  We met with a ton of people this week. One of our goals was to expand the work load to more than just the typical few. When  we got to Sunday, our investigator Catherine had to work to cover for her uncle, and the rest of our people didn’t show. 
We strive to have the Spirit always to really help the people feel what we’re saying.  We always feel we can do better.  We pray that the investigators keep their commitments we're extending so they can really see the difference the Gospel can make in their lives. I have to say that I’ve seen how good it feels, the kind of person I’m becoming because I’m doing these 3 little things that are so simple:  read, pray, and go to church.  Alma 37:6 explains it perfectly and we can apply this to any situation.  When you focus on the little things, Great things come to pass.  But that’s if we do the little things! 
This week in the trio we’ll continue to strive for the company of the Spirit.
Have a great week!


Elder Watts

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