Sunday, July 12, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hey mom!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE.  Thank you to all the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen who serve the great country of the USA! I am proud to say I’m American.
This week was different because of the trio. We visited new parts of our sector, and had to develop a new teaching style with the three of us.  Elder Letelier is back on his feet so soon it will be just Elder Bennion and I.
We did a lot of exploring and found some very dangerously muddy trails looking for off the beaten path houses. Ended up falling several times.  Grateful for detergent.  Iit was really fun to find all these different points of view of the sector we always thought we knew like the back of our hand! 
Catherine couldn’t visit this week because of difficulties in our schedule and in hers.  We found a couple new people. All because we shined our shoes. In a desperate chance to do something to receive the blessing to find new people, we decided to shine our shoes.  Believing that when we take care of what we already have, God will bless us with more! AND it worked! Now we will see if the pattern continues, and I have faith it will.  We will also have to up our game and clean our house! 
In my studies this week, I was in the book of Mormon, in the Book of M0rmon.  It was during the difficult situation Mormon is put in, being the general of the army of a wicked nation. I imagine it would’ve been very difficult to not have the support of your people who had the least bit of intergrety or honesty. Which brings us back to Memorial Day. Unlike the Nephites at this time, Honorable men and women lay their lives down on the line daily to make this world a better place and for us to have our freedom of choice. For them I am grateful! However, I’m more grateful for the knowledge that Christ lives, and that He loves me and He wants to help me in every waking moment. 
Today, we played and taught ultimate Frisbee in a zone activity.  I really really really... miss sports! It was a great time getting out there in the brisk morning and running around. I know its May and hot there, but here it’s getting to be quite... wait for it... Chilly.  Get it? 
So have a great day, I leave you with that pun! 
Love you,


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