Sunday, July 12, 2015

May 3 2015

May 3rd
Hey mom! This week was kind of hard. We worked really well! Had a ton of appointments and went out with a bunch of different members, but when it came down to Sunday we fell short of what we had hoped for.
This week we got to go check out a Chilean historic site, the RH Huascar, a moniter style ironclad that the Chilean navy captured from the Peruvians in 1870s. We took lots of fotos.  It was a really good experience.  Now we know why half the streets here are named the way they are! It was weird being escorted on a military naval base though. Felt out of place, like I should be the one escorting.  You will recognize that Elder Kenmner made an appearance also. (the blonde from Lorenzo arenas) 
This week our ward had the ward temple trip, so they took the 8 hour bus ride up to Santiago to help out their ancestors and also themselves! We were left to feed ourselves for lunch.  Remember how the returned missionaries from our Ward who served in Chile always talked about the Chilean hotdog, well they’re called Completos.   We made a LOT of them in the house cuz they’re super cheap. I would have never thought to put tomato or guacamole on a hotdog.  It’s really good! Elder Bennion shoveled down like 9 preparing for his fast.  He regretted that decision later. The dude just eats and eats and can’t gain a pound, while my guata (gut) has seemingly begun to appear more and more like I’ve been eating too much bread. Well, time to start dieting again. 
Marioli and Belén had the "pleasure" of being invited to go the country side this weekend... so they couldn’t come to church or meet with us much. We think that Marioli is looking for some HUGE sign as an answer .   Belén seems more calm about it, keep them in your prayers that they can receive an answer and recognize it when it comes. 
Sergio and Andrea are slowly learning the commandments. He likes coffee, and she likes tea, but hopefully they can find the need to change. She seems more open to that than he does. We will be visiting them this week with our ward mission leader Hno Efrain Puchi. He's sweet, 30 year old father of two, reminds me a lot of Ben in that he's got his head screwed on pretty straight,  We’re working very well with him! 
HUGE SUCCESS in family history! Got everything as far back as like 7 generations.  Please send me more about Grandma Katie.  Could you update her info in family search and maybe put a photo? if not send me the info and this Saturday I’ll upload it all!
Oh, Elder Bennion became a district leader. He is responsible for 2 other sectors besides us. I’ll be sure to try to help him out as much as possible as he tackles haha get it, he plays d line, this new challenging assignment from president! 
Love you!!!

Elder Watts





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