Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey Mom, 

This week was really good! We had stake conference too.  So again we didn’t have church services in our chapel!  So, lots of notifying people this week to NOT go to our church building.  The stake conference was really good. President Arrington made an appearance and gave a very good message about reaping what we sow. He shared that at home he had a garden.  In his garden he planted "corn," but after several weeks out came the plant from the earth…tomato plants. He went on to explain how none of us thought that somehow a tomato came out of a corn plant. We all thought he messed up or we did not understand him…but he was right.  

We reap what we sow, So, we must be careful to sow what we want to sow.  

There were other good messages about the overuse of technology, filling up our spiritual tank more than just once a week on Sundays.  

Overall we found  2 investigators this week, a mother and daughter Marioli and Belen.  They accepted our invitation to come to conference and absolutely loved the meeting. They were just walking home one day and met them.  They shared how the elders before us had talked to them and set an appointment but had to cancel.  Unfortunately no called them back to reschedule. Probably mishap occurred during transfers.  They read the whole booklet and even filled out the questions at the end!!!! They’re awesome! We are going to be taking good care of them and involving the members a bunch! If all goes well they should be getting baptized on the 16th of May.  

Andrea and Sergio were out of town this week for a family gathering but they seem to be moving towards finding their answer.  Please keep them in your prayers and pray that they find the truth. 

Dixon and Fanni are great. Their oldest child however is a bit under the weather.  They recently discovered the poor guy has asthma.  He’s getting treatment now, but they had a pretty big scare. We shared with Dixon about the benefits of marriage, temporally, and spiritually.  We shared the Mormon message about expression of love .  He mentioned to us how they always had marriage as a goal but over the 9 years they have been together, they’ve never had a enough $$$ for the big celebration for the wedding they would like to have.  They’re going to talk about it as a family and pray. Dixon is eager to pray now! He definitely has felt the spirit.  

We've seen in the last week that when we teach simply who God is, who Christ is, and who the Holy Ghost is, the spirit is super strong and the people progress. Elder Oaks was right. TEACH THE BASICS. This also ties into the "reap what you sow" from President Arrington us. 

It's starting to turn into a brisk autumn here, especially right with the water! We’re both rather polar bearish.  However, our water heater was broken for a week and a half so showers were shorter than they were at the academy!!! The fastest in and out of the shower in the house is always the Chilean elder, Elder Letelier, who averaged under 45 seconds. BUT nobody got sick so it was a success!!!  

Okay, That was the week! Hope you have a great one too! 



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