Monday, April 27, 2015

April 21, 2015

Hey Mom, 

Had a great week. We’re super focused on gracias a que Él vive!  Really focusing on the Atonement and converting people to Christ and not the Church. We had a special conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks this week.  He really stressed that point exactly. Teach people to follow Christ, not just the social aspect that comes with the church activities.  It was a super spiritual experience.  Especially, when you go into a conference like that with questions about how to be a better teacher. He guided our focus on to ASSUME NOTHING. Start from the basics, because not everyone believes there is a God.  If they do, they may not understand our relationship to Him, His Son, or the Holy Ghost.  The true teacher and converter of people is the Holy Ghost.  We should strive 100% to have his help.  He is the one who confirms what we are saying comes from God.  

President Arrington has really been encouraging us to FIND FIND FIND!  He knows that’s how the Gospel gets spread. We had a zone conference this last week.  He sent 2 elders out to the street and said., "Alright, you have 15 minutes to bring someone back here to the church and teach them."  Well, 20 minutes later, a joven named Max stepped into the Chapel and another companionship taught him and showed him the “Because He Lives” video. We all got the point of the exercise. We have to be in a hurry to find, these are the latter days!   

We have also taken to heart and have our vessels prepared to receive the Holy Ghost.  We are also working with our ward to do the same. When the ward is good, the Lord will bless us with prepared people. 

Glad to see you got to check out a ball game with the Mariners! Elder Miller (the army cadet) will be super jealous.  

We had a really powerful lesson with Dixon, the father in one of the couples we’re teaching.  We taught him about our relationship with God, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They are chosen, I can just feel it.  We need to make sure we take care of them because they are very special people.  

Okay/  Have a fantastic week and take care! 

Send everyone my love! 


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