Monday, April 20, 2015

April 13, 2015

Buenos Dias! 

This week was awesome! We started our ward family evenings in the church with a scavenger hunt for clues throughout the church.  They all eventually led to the baptismal font. But, the doors were locked, AKA you need the proper authority. It was a descent turnout, about 20 people came.  Everyone said they’d be coming back and bring their friends the coming weeks. 

Remember Angy? She got baptized last Saturday! I’m really excited for her and glad to see her start on her journey!  

This week we also had a bit of a wrench in the system. We didn’t meet in our chapel but the one onthe top of the "hill".  Elder Bennion and I were like those guys on the runways with the giant glow sticks, directing traffic up to the other chapel.  Less people came to church because of money to get up there by bus.  Still a surprising amount of the viejitos made it up there.  

The other snag this week was that we’re finding great people to teach who really seem like they are going to progress... the only downside is not a single one of them is married and all cohabitate.  We plan to have the discussion on the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever through Temple marriage. 

This week in studies I’m in the war chapters of Alma, Moroni and Helaman.  They are real tacticians and were successful with the guidance of the Lord. Also, I was quite impressed by the humility of the Chief Judge, Pahoran who received a reprimanding letter from Moroni. He didn’t take it personally and knew it was written in the right spirit. I’d like to develop that kind of humility.  

10th of May is the big day.  Just making sure we’re all good for the Skype call.  

Okay, I love you bunches. I can’t think of anything else except this (crazy story)  

Last night we’re on the top of a "hill" the size of one of the Appalachians that we visit people on, we hiked the valley to get to the other "hill" to go to another lesson. But the only problem was 1. we're dressed like missionaries (shirt and tie) and 2. Its’ like pitch black.  We manage to get down the valley and at the bottom there is the creepiest little house just chillin at the bottom of this valley. We are going to cross and climb the other side and as we’re climbing my companion almost falls into blackberry bushes (which have very large points).  Miraculously he doesn’t fall.... we came to the conclusion that the creepy old house had a creepy man or something that saved him, that or an angel. One of the two.  

Also I almost got run over by a bus and this week we chopped down trees off the side of one of those hills. 


Talcahuano, Chile: Very beautiful.

Ok, I can't help but think of the RM movie!!!!

How many strokes does it take with a hatchet?  Where is the buzz saw?


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