Monday, April 20, 2015

April 6, 2015

Hey Mom, 

Elder Bennion comes from the Sam side.  We already asked hermana bennion last week in my letter :P 

Thanks for the genealogy help. There’s a big push for FH work here. It’s actually pretty fun once you get started.  

This week Andrea and Sergio came to conference.  They are a family with a down syndrome baby named Leon (yes his name is Lion it even beats brock in coolness).  They had a good time but left early because Leon was like most kids that having problems sitting still for so long. But Sergio is a member that inactivated when he was really young.  Now he wants to come back and Andrea his wife is preparing for baptism. They’re awesome and could really help the ward if they keep uniting themselves with it.  

We also had a nocvhe dehogar Thanks to Elder Oso, I love that guy, he’s the best. The night went off great.  The friend the family invited seemed really interested.  Now we've just got to follow up and keep teaching her. The family that Elder Oso stayed with just moved here 4 months ago from Venezuela.  They’re so awesome. Hermano José and hermana Adelina and their two small kids are super excited to help us out! 

OH! After 20 long years and over 50 some odd books. We found Waldo. He is a Chilean fisherman who knows nothing about that fact that everyone is looking for him. He told us not to come back, to stop look ing for him, and to destroy all the books that we mentioned..... But Mission Accomplished. We found Waldo!  

Conference was really good. God answers the questions we offer him. I received a lot of answers to some serious questions like how can I invite the spirit more in lessons, and how can I be a better companion now, and after the mish during marriage. 

But we got a good week coming up.  We start our Ward Home evening in the chapel this week on Friday.  Hopefully it’s as big a success as it was in Lorenzo. Speaking of Lorenzo, I saw Hmo Del Río yesterday at conference, it was really good to see him! 
Pictures from the Lorenzo Ward.  Sure love these members.

Okay, I love you !!! 

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