Sunday, July 12, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hey mom!
It was fantastic seeing you yesterday, I hope mother’s day was amazing and that whatever food ben made wasn’t absolutely terrible :P 
Grant is better huge! BROCK’S TALKING!!!!!! What is happening!?
This week we had trouble finding the people we already found. We have been focusing on finding future leaders, and we believe the Lord is answering our prayers, because we've found young energetic people who could help put the spark back into our elderly ward here :) We just have to take care of them. 
I’m currently studying the Savior’s ministry amongst the native Americans in 3 Nephi. I like how He makes a specific point to say to them "Pray in your families, that your houses, and family might be blessed. The family prayer is so important and we see a lot of people who start to stop believing because they haven’t kept that open line of communication with the Lord.
We met a fisherman from California named Rocky (Rupert) who is here getting dental work done....  Don’t ask me why but he came to our noche de capilla and shared about how one of his buddies, had lost his boat and how he had always been an active member of the Church and how the Church helped get him back on his feet to provide for his family. He was impressed by the unity the Church displayed! It was a cool experience to see how God prepares people to be receptive. Hopefully we can meet up with him again!!! 

Okay, have a great week!!!
Elder Watt

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