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June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015
HEY Mom!
This week was another good wet week! Started the Academy process and I could "go home" in a year form this Thursday, so ‘im pretty trunky! I will overcome!
Elder Bennion and I will be together for ANOTHER 6 weeks, there were cambios and we stayed the same. So this will be the longest I’ve ever been with a comp. This is the third time for him that this has happened.

This week’s noche de capilla was really good. Almost 60 people came, including the Art family we’re teaching Pamela (member), her boyfriend Gonzalo and their 2 kids, Martin(9) and Mateo(6)
They seemed to have a blast!  But they had company show up on Sunday morming and couldn’t come to church. They hope to get married this winter (summer here). 

The coldest day this week we had some extra time so we decided to go out on the pier and take pictures of the city from the other side of the harbor. When we got there we found a man that was really bad off. And he even told us "how did you know I was here? Art you angels?" We since haven’t been able to meet with him again but that experience really got to me and let me know God knows when we need a boost or when we’re possibly at a the point of making a drastic decision that we'd regret later. It made me think of the Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, where the bell rings and you know the angel gets his wings. It is awesome to be the tool the Lord uses to help others.
THIS WEEK I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON for the first time by myself ever… and in Spanish!  It is a true book. What it teaches comes from God and I invite others to read and ask God if these things are not true, like Moroni exhorted us to do. I am now starting in Doctrine and Covenants! More knowledge and counsel lays in store!

Have a great week!!!!

Elder Watts

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