Monday, August 31, 2015

August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015
So glad you had a fun week. I too have noticed the power of hymns. Whenever we enter a house and we can’t find anything to teach, I try to sing a hymn and usually some inspiration comes!
This week has been different! I’m still getting the groove as far as being a trainer. I’m really trying to make sure Elder Bowden is learning and progressing, but the language is a big challenge for him. Its weird teaching Spanish!!! I understand that it’s really hard for him. He is progressing with his language like I couldn’t have hoped for! The first day jitters seem to be gone and now we’re starting to get in a better groove as a companionship. Found out that he was the drum major in his high school band and that his dad builds replacement spines! How crazy is that!
This week, as a companionship we have been trying to be more grateful for the blessing we have received! We really have started to notice more how many blessings we receive when we pay special attention to be grateful for all of them. Makes me think how ungrateful I was before the mish. Mom, thank you for all the sacrifices you made and make for me! I am forever in debt to the Savior as well, and I’m so grateful for His Atonement!
D&C 78:17-19 was the scripture of the week! Take a look if ya want!
Gonzalo y Pamela came back from Chillan.  Elder Bowden invited Gonzalo to be baptized after their marriage and he accepted wholeheartedly! I felt so proud of my son!!!!  I almost shouted for joy!! Pamela is getting really active too! We eat lunch with them tomorrow even!
Sergio and Andrea are filling out their family tree and are doing well. They cant’ stay for  the entire meeting block cuz León is really cranky by the end Sacrament meeting.  But they have the desire to learn more about the Church and Temple work!
That was the week! Not too many new people, but some might develop in the next week! We shall see right?
Much love!  

Elder Watts

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