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June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015
Hey mom!
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! You're 239 years old this Saturday and you’re looking great!
This week was awesome! Andrea decided she wants to get baptized! Please keep her in your prayers and that we can help her get prepared by the 18th! Also Pamela and Gonzalo came to church again! They even asked where they could buy a hymn book and a triple! AHHHHH how I love seeing the Spirit work in people! Gonzalo took a blow this week though, He got fired without cause from his job. While he was filing paperwork and talking with lawyers in Centro (downtown) every day this week, he always, ALWAYS, saw us, or the other elders. We didn’t always see him but he took it as a sign that God was really looking out for him in spite of all the crud that was going on.
This week we took some time to go meet the members that live up on the peninsula of Tumbes.  There are a companion of other elders assigned to this area but we’re starting to work better as a unit of 4 that we want do get to know the members out there. There is one partial family that is progressing well, Carlos (inv) and Caroline (member). They went traveling to visit family because Carlos is a marine and had leave, but he really knows that the church is true, and is mostly hesitating because of what his family might say. But we taught all of them, the members and that family, a lesson about following the voice of the Spirit and not that of the world. I thought that regarding the news of the Supreme Court decision, now more than ever, we need to tune in spiritually and stand up for what is morally right and true. I believe the Family is a sacred thing, and that it is something that needs to be defended. That anything outside of a husband and wife is an outright mockery of the gift that our bodies and the ability God gave us to bring life into the world.
This week I have been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, and I liked a verse that talked about, all the commandments are spiritual in nature.  Yes some of them involve a higher state of bodily living, but that in turn is to affect our spirit. I know this to be true. That our body and spirit are so closely connected that anything we do to one affects the other in due change.
Well, this week we’re going to be visiting Andrea a lot.  Also we found a bunker to explore like battery cave in Maine!  We’ll check that out next Monday.
I don’t feel like I have a year left. The time goes by way too fast. I still have too much to do before I come home.
Elder Watts

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