Monday, August 31, 2015

August 10, 2015

Dear mom,
I imagine you’re tired after the week in camp. I too am feeling a bit under the weather. It’s has been rainy and windy almost every day this last week.  I’m little tired physically and mentally. I am working to get Elder Bowden up to speed in the sector so he can help me.  He’s doing fantastic.  He's got a real motor on him! I am accustomed to have a more senior missionary then me as my companion.  So it’s weird being the one who is remembering everything, doing the phone calls, etc. He has progressed miles in his language though. The next challenge is getting him comfortable using the phone! It’s a lot different when you can’t see someone’s lips and hand motions.  But I know he’ll do good.
As a mission we started BOM over together. We’re on 1st Nephi 20. It called my attention to how much I respect Nephi had for his father when his bow broke. Lehi was complaining, Laman and Lemuel were being the typical antagonists.  Even though Lehi was complaining, Nephi followed courtesy, the chain of command, respect for his father, whatever you want to call it, and asked him where he should go to find food. WHY???? Things like this make me ponder on how to be more like those men of the scriptures, men of character and honor!
Pamela and Gonzalo are committed to go get a date of matrimony this week at the civil registry!  Fingers crossed that its before I leave!!!!!  I really care about them a ton and know that we’ll be friends for a long time! They’re simply good people.
Something else that has crossed my mind, despite the fact the Chilean’s have a different culture and different values and all sorts of things that bother me sometimes or I don’t understand... I love the Chilean people. I love serving them and being here. I wouldn’t trade this for anything! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Have a great week!

Elder Watts

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