Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dear Mom,

PAMELA AND GONZALO GET MARRIED THE 4th! He and Martin their son GET BAPTIZED THE 5TH!!!!!!  Right before transfers on the 7th! Gonzalo said he was really was moved by the Priesthood blessings we gave to Martin who was sick one day this past week. The next day, Martin was at 100% and Gonzalo felt his answer about the true power of God and where it was located.
AHHHH I’m really excited! We’re focusing a lot on finding new people to teach before I go and Elder Bowden can continue with his step dad and keep the sector going strong!
This week in the BOM, I finished 1 Nephi and fell in love with 2 Nephi 9. I can’t wait to study it again because it really explains the Atonement! President Arrington talked to us this week about how the only person who puts a limit on the amount of help we receive from God is ourselves (2NE 9:9).
Everything is going well with Elder Bowden. He is getting a lot better with his Spanish.
I’m preparing to take the fitness test for the Academy.  We are starting to run more continuously and I feel much lighter. I don’t’ know how much I weigh right now but I’m watching what I eat and doing workout stuff every morning.
Got the package. The hot chocolate was a lifesaver and the Quaker oatmeal is so delicious!  Thank you so very much!!!
I found a TRX band down here for 10.000 pesos ($16) and that’s helping me with some new exercises!
Thanks for the wonderful stuff from Sacrament meeting! I’m slowly reading that book you sent and lots of other literature that requires first priority.  Fantastic choice of card. Tough cookie, very nice!

Mom have a great week!

Elder Garrett Watts

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