Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well, this week was pretty fast paced to say the least.  Getting to know the members, investigators and companion that all come with a new sector.
Elder Livingston is a really relaxed dude. We crack each other up.  We have really hit it off well. Probably has to do with the fact that we’re both from the greatest state East side of the Mississippi, VA.  #VAinVAdesLinares.
We have an investigator whose name is Davíd.  He is very cool. Has a past he’s really trying to forget about and the only thing that is delaying his baptism is his own insecurity. He hasn’t had a lot of the doctrinal lessons.  So this week we’re really going to focus on how he can come to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and the truth of the Book of Mormon.
I’m currently studying in Alma.  Had a really good week of studies and my testimony grew about patience in our trials.  Alma and his people weren’t allowed to pray but they put on a happy face and did the best they could with the situation they were given!  The Lord knew the prayer of their hearts.  I think we could all be a little better at that, and I‘m currently focusing on that.
Also, I have been asked my President to make a set of workout videos for the mission with the Zone Leaders.  I will send a separate email asking Coach Getty if he can put a program together.  If he is not, could you ask Ricky.  I need some ideas for a 30 minutes body weight program. We have limited access to stuff like that. The reason President is asking for that is because he doesn’t want us going to/paying for gyms and the workout videos that are available to us have less than modest apparel.
All in all, doing well. Animated and working hard. Please pray for David and that he will feel the Spirit and receive answers to his questions and commit to being baptized at the end of the month!

Elder Watts


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