Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 31, 2015


Glad to hear the Read family games are still going strong!

This week was difficult, mostly because Gonzalo came out of nowhere with a bunch of doubts regarding the BoM and Joseph Smith. We all fasted to help him receive answers to his questions.  We know the Lord will answer his prayers..

Not a whole ton of time but a spiritual thought from studies this week.

Enos is one of the 1st chapter book in the Book of Mormon.  He is well known for the scripture that says "and my soul hungered, and I kneeled down before my maker". The verse before that however stresses the importance that Enos’s father Jacob had prayed in his hunger for God. He talks about how the words that his father said repeatedly passed through his mind until they reached his very core!

I know that I have a great mom who did the darn best she could. She worked her butt off to make sure that I was raised up right before the Lord. The Gospel is applied in the home!

SO, thanks mom. For everything since day 1,  You’re the best! LOVE YOU!!!!

Elder Watts

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