Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hey mom!
This week was good but weird. I kind of got the feeling I was going through the motions or not giving it my all, but I’ve been doing everything the same up until this point. I think that was the Lord’s way of letting me know that what I can actually do is much more and that I should give a full 110%.
Elder Bowden is getting a little bit better regarding his boldness. As missionaries, we have to be able to say the hard things, lovingly of course. He expressed to me that he was feeling a lot of stress inviting people.  He is a bit shy.  So we’re both working little by little to help him be more open and feel more comfortable with the job we have to do.  As a trainer, I am actively thinking of different ways to help him.
Pamela and Gonzalo are doing great.  We encourage them to strengthen their testimony regarding the Lord and the Restored Gospel.
We also talked with President this week in interviews. He asked us to share our favorite scripture.  I shared 3 Nephi 18:19-21.  I firmly believe that when we are constantly praying, than we won’t fault under pressure.  I know that my future wife and kids are being blessed because of my decision to pray now and to keep praying. It’s the breastplate of our spiritual armor.
While with the President, we also talked a lot about missionary work for those who have passed on (Family Search). I would like to know a little more about Grandma Herwig’s parents. Please ask Grandma to send me her thoughts. Thanks.
Mom, you’re the best!  I want ya to know that.
Love Garrett

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