Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

Dear Mom,
Well, the highlight of the week was yesterday, when we were able to help a couple understand the importance of being married. The woman, María Lopez, REALLY wants to get baptized. She has truly converted and has mentioned how frustrating it is not being able to do what she wants (and needs to do) because of her civil standing.
Well as far as preparation for the PT test, I’m doing well.  Got up to 5 pull ups now so tha’s an improvement of the 2 I could do when I got to this sector!  I feel like the sprint is going to be the hardest. Hopefull, the weather will warm up this week.  It may be spring but it’s still winter here.
I was asked to give a talk at the branch conference we will this week. The talk is on how we can prepare and get something out of the conference talks and classes. It was perfect because the following week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Overall were just getting in our groove still. This week was pretty uneventful for us (even with the earthquake).  All the families are with their families in the CAMPO (countryside) for the Independence day activities. We missed out big time, but still managed to get some really good empanadas!  So, it wasn’t a complete loss!
The branch put on an activity and we ended up being waiters.  One more thing to add to my resumé!!  Lol
David didn’t end up coming to church, but we found out that he's probably not going win his court case.  We will be patient and support him as he goes through his trial.
During studies this week, I learned from the example of Amulek. You can be a great missionary and really get to the people, if you are patient and soft spoken and ask good questions. SO, I’ve tried to be soft spoken. For example here is the discussion I had with a less active sister recently: "Okay where are we gonna see you? IN church! , Okay, and at what time? 10am!  Now how about you show up early? OKAY!  What are you gonna do tonight? READ! and why? BECAUSE I NEED THE BELSSINGS, ALRIGHT HERMANA!!!! WOOHOO!!  She ended up making it to church.  I still need to be fine tune my approach, but I am getting better.

Have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Watts

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