Friday, November 20, 2015

September 28, 2015

This week was full of activities in the branch, getting ready for the branch conference we had yesterday. We really strengthened our relationship with the members, and have seen the blessings already. This really is the Lord’s work. One member commented to us right before he gave us a referral to visit his sister. "You guys are animated and serious about your job. Go get my sister and bring her here!"

This week, David had to leave on a trip for a while, we’re not sure when he's coming back. We found a couple of new people to visit but we need to be better at helping them actually come to church. It’s the only way to really want to change. On Saturday we had a cool experience. While looking for a referral from the branch president, we wandered lost in this one neighborhood and kept coming back to the same street. We decided to abandon that effort and left to leave with a recently reactivated young man who really wants to activate the members of his quorum. After 3 appointments that we had set up falling through, we finally asked him, "Where do you want to visit?"  He started walking over to a house of another less active young man. When we got to the street we couldn’t believe it but it was that same street we kept coming back to!
We knock ton he door, he let us in and told us. "I was thinking about going to church tomorrow... this is like a sign I think!" And he came!  The YM president was on his game, and we’ll be seeing him back soon!
It’s an awesome thing to be a missionary.  i had a dream the other day i went to Water Country USA, but here in Chile. I think part of my brain is already thinking about home but I really like being a missionary!  It is AWESOME being able to see people’s lives change! A guy I baptized in my last sector , Gonzalo, just emailed me and he and the family just BEAM!  It was a blessing to be a part of that.  Just gives me so much more energy, plus the fact that I only have 9 more months to be able to do this work!!!!! It goes by way too fast!
SO, this week I’m not going to sweat all the things at home. I’m just going to work my best to make sure someone else here in Linares has that same happiness. Mosiah 2:17 right???

That was the week! Hope you have a great day!
Elder Watts

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