Friday, November 20, 2015

October 5, 2015

Haha, I'm so glad you got to go to conference. The speakers truly were inspired!
While reflecting on what I’m going to apply these next couple months, I have decided to ponder the Elder Durant’s talk.  It really struck home! That and saving a bit of money every week isn't a bad idea either!
We had the opportunity to find a lot of really good people this week, but for some reason or another, only Martín came to church. Martín is the 9 year old grandson of the branch president and we are working with him and his mom to be ACTIVE and to sanctify the Sabbath so he can be baptized in early November!
Elder Livingston and I had a good week, It’s been raining a lot this week but thank goodness for those boots sock things I have!  Saved my shoes and my life various times this week.  Hopefully spring will spring sooner rather than latter!
We really have been making an effort to keep the house clean. I understand now why Mom was so serious about the cleanliness of the home. The Spirit is much more present. Now that we have gotten more control over the house, we have progressed to our patio, which had weeds about up to my knees. HAD. Key word there. With all the rain the past couple days the earth was very soft and we took advantage to uproot all the weeds and now we’re thinking about starting a garden, to have tomatoes and some other veggies in the house.
We read in Alma 17 about how Ammon "desired to dwell amongst the Lamanites, perhaps until the day [he] died." I think that’s the main reason why the houses in the mission fall into such disregard, because the missionaries are always thinking, "Me voy de aqui, asique por que poner un esfuerzo!" but if we have that attitude that I’m just gonna leave here, we'd never do anything, we'd never teach, heck we wouldn’t even make our bed or shower, because the house is just gonna get dirty again.. right?
Now we need to get better still. There are a couple bad habits we still need to overcome, but I know that the Spirit is more present with us throughout the day when our home is kept.
It’s strange what you get out of conference right???
Well, this week there should be sunny skies so hopefully the weather forecast proves true!

Have a great week and stay safe. Give hugs to everyone!
Elder Wattws

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