Friday, November 20, 2015

October 19, 2015

Well this week was pretty active! We had the ground breaking for the temple in Concepcion. It is awesome to see the progress in the mission and the country to have the blessing of a second temple!  Speakers including the area presidency and President Arrington, did the groundbreaking ceremony!
Teaching wise, we have a solid group of people who are doing well. Martin, the grandson of the branch president, is a goofy kid and the family is progressing well. We started teaching about the commandments this week!!!!
Another family were teaching is the Pastenes family. The oldest son Christian told us to come by to visit his less active father and two sisters, (all the kids are in the mid 20's). But the mom isn’t a member. They really like church and have come the last two Sundays. We are trying to get the mom to open up a little more. It appears her husband speaks for her, but every lesson she opens up more and more!
Maria Lopez is our eternal investigator because of her marital status.  This week we all felt it was her time to act. She’s being really strong because all of her family is bullying her because of what she believes.  She feels like her kids aren't getting the right idea of what the Church is because her dad and brothers are always bashing on it. But this week we gave her a blessing of comfort and I really felt that in the next couple weeks she's going to commit herself with a baptismal date
I got really deep into the book “Jesus the Christ this week and the war chapters of BoM. It made me think about how when you keep the commandments as soldiers, like the Strippling Warriors.
Well Elder Livingston and I will stay together this cambio.  So we’re gonna stay hard at it and help them to come unto Christ!
OH!  I also am starting language study of Portuguese!  Gotta take advantage of the gift of tongues while ya can!

Okay have a great week!

Elder Garrett Watts


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