Friday, November 20, 2015

October 26, 2015

This was probably the busiest week of my mission up until now.
First of all the interview with Sen. Warner's board went well! The only struggle was on the issue of CURRENT EVENTS in the US.... of which I have no knowledge whatsoever. Actually, some guy in the store last Monday started yelling nonsense at us in English about colors and the Archangel, but I’m not quite sure if you can count that as current events! But the call went off smoothly so Thanks technology!
This week we were flying around! Maria Lopez, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned her, decided with her boyfriend that it would be best to separate. She's getting ready for her baptism this Saturday! She's super excited and her 8 year old son Maximo is also excited, He says he wants to get baptized but we need to make sure about his level of commitment. Maybe that’s because we are teaching two kids actually. Martín is the grandson of the branch pres. He is the literal embodiment of the Chilean goofy. The kid is a ball of energy. It makes the lessons a little stressful with the both of them being so wild, but I guess it’s practice for parenting! 😅😓
The awesome part about this week was our work with the members, We worked with a different member almost every day compared to the month before.  The goal this week is to keep the members excited and keep up the progress!
This week in my studies I finished Jesus the Christ. I am really grateful I’m coming to know Him better over my mission. In my interview with Senator Warner’s committee they asked me if the mission had been a life changing experience,  I shared with how much it has been. It truly is the best 2 years!
This week we have a lot of visits planned with Maria and Maxi to make sure they are ready and sort out all the details for the baptism! Hopefully in the process we can get to her daughter Catalina (14) to take lessons. Maria really wants the best for her 2 kids, you can tell it in her eyes.
We also found out the stove in our house works!!!  So we made some Betty Crocker cookies (thanks to Elder Livingston) and I really really think that homemade cookies would be the best thing for this country. That, or The Gospel..the latter I’m sure of it! haha.
I’m currently studying in Helaman.  It really called my attention how Nephi loved his people but at the same time was almost inconsolable because of their iniquities. The trick I feel to missionary work is to really love the people you serve!
Well, time is short and internet is slow, but I LOVE YA!

Elder Garrett Watts
"Eat Chickin"


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