Monday, August 31, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hey mom!
Well cambios came in today and Elder Bennion is heading off to Linares as a zone leader! It’s gonna be hard seeing him go. We got along really well and had  alot in common.  God willing we'll be hanging out in Colorado this time next year!
I have news!!!! I’m going to be a dad! Now don’t miss understand.  Being a dad in the mission means I’m going to train someone! It’s going to be a trial by fire of whether or not I can be a good leader. I was thinking about the examples of leaders in the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. Of all the greatest is The Lord obviously! He always cared to make sure that his disciples learned and learned well, that they were taken care of, and that they had opportunities to have their faith tried and to grow even stronger. President Spencer W. Kimball gave a wonderful talk exactly on being a Christ like leader. I’ll be reviewing and it for sure!
Andrea got baptized on Saturday!  The faunt was taking a really long time to fill up so we had to start filling water in pots from an instant heater to get the water up high enough! Elder Bennion had the blessing of being able to baptize Andrea and the following day or yesterday, I was blessed with the opportunity to confirm Andrea a member of the Church and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It was a wonderful experience.  One of the member family we visited with, Hna Carla Miranda, gave a fantastic talk about how the Holy Ghost has been her guide and best friend during her activation in the church! The Spirit was very strong and hopefully Sergio and Andrea will never forget that moment and how they felt!
This week in studies, I made the commitment to use a study journal. Man, I wish I had used it from the get go! I am more alert and I retain more information this way! I am currently in D&C 77.  In D&C 76 there is a lot of really intriguing information about the kingdoms of glory! In the BoM I’m working on the tree of life chapters in 1st Nephi.  I am really trying to understand the way that we can help those who are lost in the mists of darkness!
I’m excited for the change, for the opportunity to train, and hopefully for some drier weather! Have a great week at girls camp mom and stay busy!
Lots of love!
Elder Watts


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