Monday, August 31, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hey mom!
Andrea did come so this week we have a baptism!!!  Pray for her please and for us during this last week before she becomes a member!
Other than that the week was fairly standard, visits every day.  Still in the process of finding people that will progress in the Gospel.  The good thing is we’re actively getting into houses and not just in the street every day in the rain.
Well, we’re on the last week of the cambio and Elder Bennion is most likely out of here.  He's got 6 months in the ward. It’s been a fun 4 months with him.  Reminded me of a lot of stuff I had forgotten about serving with patience and being persistent. He's a very good young man and I look forward to this week to work hard with him.
I too am in the D&C but I’m going on section 74. I especially liked 68:2-5. It talks about how and when we are inspired by the Spirit and our words as priesthood holders are scriptures. I need a lot of work to be able to have the Spirit with me all the time.  But I’m really trying. No matter how many times I mess up or do something without thinking, I know that The Lord will be there to help me up and get better each time. While I’m striving to fix myself, I can help others realize the things they can change to feel better with God.
I know that Jesus lives and he loves us. He's willing to help when we look towards Him for that divine help.

Elder Watts


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