Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 

Hey mom,  


Alright now that’s been said, on to the important things. Received your package of workout clothes and GARLIC HERBS!!!!  Very nice surprise. I guard that stuff with my life in the house.  

Thanks for sending something to Torrie and Tori. ALSO I have an idea for the ward but I would need a little stuffed teddy bear that looks like a missionary. Can you check into this?  Thanks.  

I got the letters from the Primary this week. please thank Sister Smith for sending them. Katie Walkers was especially hilarious. "is it Chilly in Chile? (the answer is a resounding NO now that spring has sprung), do you eat Chili in Chile? Are there Chilly Chilis in Chile?" I was very impressed with her capacity for humor at such a young age.  

This last week Elder Jensen (BYU PLAYER) and all were suuuuuuuper sick. Stomach virus knocked us right in the gut. We were sleeping by the toilet for a couple nights. But all is well now and were working again, lost a couple more pounds but they were coming off anyways.  

Other wise this week was good. Katherine our investigator is finally living by herself but now she doubts that she’ll be able to keep the law of chastity or Word of Wisdom.  So she doesn’t want to be baptized soon. We just need to kind and encouraging and find out which spiritual tool we need to use to help her see the light (following President Uchtdorf’s talk from conference)

Elder Ospina is leaving me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He heads off to Talcuano centro tomorrow and Elder Villaroel will be coming to replace and be my new comp. it is a bery bittersweet feeling. Elder Ospina and I got along very well together and it may be difficult to adjust to Elder Villaroel but the Lord gives us challenges for a reason right?  

General Conference was amazing. 10 hours never went by so fast. I really liked the talk given by Jorg Klebingat about the 6 things for peaceful assurance. It’s fairly obvious that I am not having the most baptism or people progress, but I know that by following the 6 steps he talked about and by applying the Atonement in my life and the lives of my investigators, I will be more self-assured  of the good that I’m doing in the world.
ALSO IF ANY NON-LDS (not mormon) person is reading this, PLEASE watch ELDER DAVID A BEDNAR from the last session of general conference.  Please, it’ll take 10 minutes but it might change your life. 

We have a lot of changes coming up, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to experience them. I love all of you and remember from the very deepest part of my soul....  

Elder Watts
Elder Jensen's last Sunday
We will miss him!!!

Chillan Zone farewell to Elder Jensen

Chillan Zone PDay

My new companion, Elder Villaroel Almorzando

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