Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 

Hey mom! Thanks for the update on the SA conference you did.  I’m very glad it went well for you and that they want you to come back and do more! Is my mom good or what??? 

Crazy story that happened this week....  we brought 7 menos activos to church and 3 investigators and LIDIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!...This Saturday.  She’s 85 year old we met earlier in October! She is so awesome.  When we talked about the Word of Wisdom she told us she already hadn’t been drinking/smoking/coffee/tea for the last 30 years! The Lord really prepares people!  

It’s crazy that we brought so many to church cuz we didn’t have a lot of lessons but the ones we did have were high quality. quality>quantity right? That’s what I think.  

Please Carol in your prayers.  She is really having a hard time since her dad passed away.  

Para que sepas: Officially needed to punch new holes in my belt to keep my pants on. Your man is gonna come back skinnnnnnnnnnny :P but not too skinny cuz I love chocolate too much.  

"Dan Ganas de" means to crave or to have really want. There is a brand of juice down here  called "Watt's" like my last name. This picture is really funny to me… anyways…hope ya like it….. :)  

Elder Villarroel and I are doing good. Still working on stuff between being motivated and being more diligent. I think we’re getting better.  

During studies this week I really came to appreciate what kind of Man the Savior was. He was perfect in that he obeyed every commandment even though he was tempted ALOT!  I used to kind of think of Him as this emotionless person but know I’m starting to realize what made him unique.  He overcame all temptations perfectly.  It’s something to strive for, to work at constantly. Being more like Him will help us all bring others unto him and live His teachings.  

Please know I think you’re all amazing.  I’m so grateful for your support in the work here. I love you and I know that My Redeemer Lives. 

Elder Garrett Watts

Just for Brock

Elders team for the regional soccer tournament.


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