Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th email - Transfer to Concepcion

November 17, 2014 


It was such a cool experience.  It was Elder Villarroel's and my first baptism in the mission. He went 1 year and 3 months without a baptism. I can’t imagine the kind of patience that takes! Thank you so much for your prayers. Lidia is doing great.  She went to Relief Society last week and seemed to really like it.  I think she’s gonna be a strong member. She even said she wanted to pay her tithing before we confirmed her a member. Bishop loved that!  

This week is cambios.  I am happy and also sad to say I am leaving Chillan and I’m heading to Concepcion!  I will be in the Lorenzo Arena Ward with my new companion Elder Del Rosario. I know he has a Latino name but apparently he’s from Cali and I’m excited to work with him there.  

I’m am not however looking forward to packing.  I got very use to the setup we had in Los Volcanes.  But change is always for the better.. right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is. It is supposed to be cooler in Conce for the summer so there’s already one blessing already!  

Elder Jensen's family came to church last Sunday to pick him up to go home. It was very very strange seeing so many gringos in church.  Even weirder to hear them call Elder Jensen by his first name Ryan. But they had a good experience and the ward was very welcoming. Hard to see Jensen go.  We became very good friends but his time is up and mine’s just starting! Gotta keep working hard and put that shoulder to the wheel.  

Well, I’m sad to go but I know the sector is in good hands. We made massive strides since I first got here. Elder Villarroel and his new companion elder Chuctaya will do great in keeping the work moving forward. They’re actually closing a sector in Los Volcanes.  This means we’re going form 6 missionaries to 4. Elder Young and I are leaving and our companions Elder Villarroel and Elder Chuctaya (same guy from Santiago ccm who has been with me my whole mission) are companions.  

As far as studying this week, I’ve decided that out of all the books in the Bible, I like to use most teaching from Ephesians.  Paul counsels the Ephesians with how to organize and run the Lord’s Church and the importance of the Priesthood.  The epistles to them are awesome.  The Priesthood must be present to do the Lord’s work on the earth. 

Ahhh... changes. Leaving has me thinking that Lidia was the one waiting for us.  Now that she’s been baptized it’s like "alright, on to find more people searching for the Gospel."  That has me excited!  I just hope and pray it doesn’t take another 4 1/2 months to find that person who's waiting for me in Lorenzo Arena!  

Thank you again for all your love and support!  

Elder Garrett Watts


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