Thursday, March 5, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey mom,  

So cambios came around and Elder Villasanti and I are staying together!! whoohoo!  

We went to a really cool beach/cliff spot with the other missionaries and a couple brethern from the ward on our p-day! It was a really fun time. Check out the photos on the link I sent you.  The coast of Chile is beautiful. 

This week was really tranquilo... We met with Juan a couple times.  He's still got some doubts about the nature of God.  But, he’s praying about it which we are grateful. 

We didn’t get a chance to meet with Elvis this week. He started taking insomnia medication so he goes to bed early and wakes up late, the times we use to go see him.  

The other elders had a baptism this week and there were two ward baptisms. 

Also random comment, there was a dodge ball tournament the other week and now the meissino knows me as they guy who broke the window.... This week we also did service projects for ward members.  Hopefully the service will bring blessings :)  

Study time this week I finished 2 Nephi and started Jacob. In 2 NE 33, it talks about Charity being the real way to express you conversion to the Gospel.  I liked that. I’m going to work on being more charitable this week.  

Love you, 

Elder Watts

Looking down onto our destination

Brother Del Rio

Still got it!  I'll protect you!

Looks like a small hike.

Now that was fun! 

Elder Villasanti 

We made it!

Just gotta love my companion!



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