Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey mom! Seven months in the mish today!  Man the time is flying!!!!!!  

This week was rough... I came to the awful realization that I am the unfortunate victim of a parasite and that’s a major cause as to why I’ve dropped so much weight. 

Our investigators are doing pretty good. Juan, the gringo that is here for the next 6 months, SAID HIS PRAYER!!!!  We were very shocked about that.  Also, it was my companions birthday this last week on the 31 of January.  If you want to send him a happy birthday his email is 

THE PATS WON!!!!  Sorry... had to get that out.  Their my team!  Otherwise, we’re doing very tranquilo as they would say here in Chile. 

Antonieta is doing awesome!  She bore her testimony this last Sunday and we had lunch with her during the week. She goes to all the activities and she couldn’t be happier!!! :))) 

This week we found a guy named Elvis.  He is trying to find a house and recently went through a lot of rough stuff in his life. He’s open to listening, wants to get baptized but just doesn’t know in which church. So I know this sounds weird but.... Pray for Elvis. Not the rock and roll king but the Chilean.  

English class has shown fruits. Some of our students have expressed interest in receiving the missionaries. I am basically doing what all my Spanish teachers did in school when trying to teach us by incorporating music into lessons to make it more interactive. Last week we did music from Tarzan and this week guess what?!?!      FROZEN. LIBRE SOY LIBRE SOY!!!  It’s going to be a good time.  

Studying this week, I really got into the final months of the Savior’s earthly ministry. He called the Seventy to go and preach to Jew and Gentile and He rejoiced when they returned after a job well done. I guess I can make the Lord of Hosts joyful by doing exactly what those men did thousands of years ago. And I`ll tell ya,  I am having a good time doing.  

Not terribly fun with a parasite, but we’ve already gotten that taken care of so.. no hay que preocupar!  

7 months has already gone by!  It’s going by way too fast for my liking.  

Love Garrett 

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