Monday, March 30, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey mom,  

Al tiro, I got the packages for valentines and the shoes!  The candy did not last long between my comp and me!  It was delicious thank you so much!  

This week was good but not great.  We did all of our regular visits in the first half of the week to leave time and find new people to teach. That time set aside to find went into a lot of companionship bonding.  We did find a couple of antiguo investigadors who we have appointments with this week. 

Angi came to church again, and according to the teacher of the youth Sunday school offered to say the closing prayer! Elvis couldn’t make it this week out of town all week.  

Antonieta is doing great! She's so awesome! She (as well as the rest of the ward) have accepted their challenge to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.  We have been going out helping them by reading together and also giving them a map to follow their progress by coloring in the steps of the map.  The farthest anyone has gotten in the first week was up to Jacob... that’s like 170 something pages!!!!  Chileans read fast!  

The Ward home evenings keep going well but the key is to help the members have a spiritual experience every day with the SCRIPTURES.  

I’m currently  in Alma 23! Ammon just taught King Lamoni´s dad.He’s a powerful teacher. I also read this week about when Alma and Amulek were in jail.  Elder Villasanti made an excellent point when they prayed for the strength to free themselves, they didn’t pray that their problems would just disappear, but to have the strength and fortitude to overcome their trial. Good example to follow!! 

It might be my last week here in Lorenzo Arenas, so I’m going to work extra hard! Gotta make the best of it! 


Garrett Watts :)

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