Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear mom, 

This week we had a really good week. We learned how the success of our mission can be influenced during the hours of 7:30 to 11:30 when we do our personal and companion study time.  Elder Villasanti and I have received a testimony of this promise. Elder Villasanti and I made a real effort to make sure we read and have companionship study every week and we've been more united and the Lord has been blessing us and keeping us very busy at the same time!  

I currently finishing the book of Mosiah.  I sometime wonder how Abinidai felt... putting his heart and soul into his devotion of the Lord, and seeing no fruits while he was alive, but there was a fruit. Alma. He was converted and became a prophet and helped many come unto the Lord.  Abinidai never knew that before he died, but he trusted in the Lord and His plan. So if I’m a seeder and if that’s my nitch so be it.  I’m gonna seed the best I can and Trust the Lord.  

This week we decided to mix things up regarding our exercise time.  We went to the church so we could do exercises.  Some of the missionaries shot hoopes   I used the soccer gate as a sled and worked on my steps and staying low.  I’m not going to lie, I forgot how low I use  tot play!   We had a good time.  Elder Villasanti offered to be my blocking dummy... that lasted for approximately 3 minutes before he thought better. hahahahaha 

Angi, as well as a lot of other people we visited this week... WENT TO CHURCH!   However the following week we had Stake conference and somehow our communication on where the services were did not deliver.. but oh well, everything’s for a purpose! 

We did a couple of service projects this week.  Went underneath a couple houses, dug some very large holes... it was a good time.  I learned that I’m not clostrophobic.  But, I don’t like dirt falling on my face... underneath a house... either :) YAY CHILEAN PLUMBING!  

But that’s us.  Staying occupied.  Elvis is doing great.  He's meeting bishop tonight.  We also me a man named Tito yesterday who seemed very interested and was very nice when we passed by and talked with him.  

Pray please for Conny Maldonado Lopez, a little girl in our ward, the granddaughter of our mamita.  She's in the hospital right now and it’s not looking like she’s going to be the same because her little brain swelled up a lot.  Some sort of virus or something.  Please keep her in your prayers, were asking for a miracle if she retrains 90 of her functions!  

But I love you.  I know my Savior lives!  I’m a very happy, very content missionary. And I’m a Mormon. If that wasn’t obvious..  

Elder Watts  

love you mom : )


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