Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey Mom,  

This week was busy.  Getting to know the new sector, new companion, new members, and a new challenge in the work… GIANT HILLS.  We live in the Chilean version of Norfolk downtown with the naval base just up the road. The only difference is Norfolk is relatively flat, Talcahuano is a community built upon hills. Elder Bennion and I are getting plenty of leg work going up and down these bad boys. We tried running one of the longer flights of stairs in the morning for exercise... we made it about halfway before our legs just wouldn’t rotate fast enough to keep up. But it’s all good. We’re working out more consistently, trying to eat better, and really trying to organize our efforts here in the ward.  He’s only got a month here in the ward so we’re kind of starting off from square one.  We have the same focus as Lorenzo.  Cleaning the vase from the inside out. We also got a new ward mission leader (freshly released bishop) and he’s super excited to start working.  

The ward is good.  The majority of the members live in the sector of the other missionaries in our ward so we don’t have a great connection with them.  We’ve got plans to start making connections.  Elder Oso (bear in spanish) made a big hit this week when we introduced him to a family that lives in the ward boundaries.  They just moved here from Venezula!  We’ve got a noche de hogar con ellos este miercoles  (an appointment with them this Wednesday). 

Ademas, este semana, estabe reading in Alma 40ish about the resurrection and the Atonement.  It was so important what Christ did for us!! We wouldn’t have any option but to suffer and be cut off from God if it weren’t for him. There’s actually a new video this week called #becauseHeLives that really talks about how his sacrifice, the Atonement is available to for all of us because He Lives, He rose from the dead, He broke the bands of death and gave us the opportunity to repent and be forgiven. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m grateful that Savior loves me enough to save All of us, and to personally redeem me.  

Both Elder Bennion and I are terrible about taking pictures.  Sorry, but this week there’s a drought.  We are enjoying each other’s company and making each other laugh from our mission experiences so far. This week. we will be doing a lot of soul searching and revelation seeking while we listen to General Conference. I’m going in with the question, “How can I invite the spirit more to testify of what we’re teaching.” Now. I just gotta pay attention for the answer when it comes.  

Got my Easter package.  Thank you!!!  I won’t open it until Sunday. 

Okay, I love you and I hope you have a fantastic week.  

Love Garrett 

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