Monday, March 30, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey mom,  

Fast letter today.  Gotta make time to say goodbye oto everyone.  I’m getting transferred to Barrio Centro in Talcuhuano!  Im going to be company with Elder Bennion!  I KNOW RIGHT!!! Hello football practice every p-day!  

I’m gonna miss Lorenzo Arenas.  I’ve really grown to love these people and its hard leaving.  I know that it’s because I’ve learned enough or progressed enough to move on.  Today is going to be rough with packing and all the goodbyes.  I can only hope that the next ward is the same or better. 

I’m reading in Alma 34.  I love the parable Alma gives in chapter 32 about the seed.  Being an active member, being someone who believes 100% takes WORK!  It’s a process and requires patience.  It is literally the perfect analogy.  

Pictures to come of everyone from the ward next week!  

Ok, I love you!!! I’m sorry for the short letter but the clocks ticking!!!!  

Sneak peak of the dream team!!! 


My new companion, Elder Bennion

I'm gonna miss Brother Del Rio!

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