Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Awesome Email mom!  

As far as this week, I’ve started studying by lessons.  After this cambio it is more than likely I will be training since I’m gringo and speak pretty fluently. So I will update you more on that once I’ve made it through. I’m also reviewing patience once again because yesterday we taught a guy who kept interrupting us.  I got really frustrated with him and me for not being so patient.  So I am working and studying the value of patience. 

This past Saturday was the South American Church Service day.  Looks like you’ve already seen was I was doing for 4 hours… being a human ladder is exactly what I had in mind when I got called to Chili.  

This coming week is Chili’s Independence Day.  S next week will be filled with lots of red, white and blue and only 1 star.  It’s still is going to be awesome.  

Funny Story: Yesterday we had a lot of appointments fall threw.  This one guy was on a huge megaphone inviting everyone to come clean up the multipurpose soccer field along the neighborhood that will be used for the Independence Day festivities.  We went to go help. Anyways, there’s music blaring and we walk up and the guy just goes '' STOP THE MUSIC.... EVERYBODY LOOK. The MORMONS... The Mormons are helping clean and you all are just sitting on your butts watching. How great an example of true kindness these youngsters are setting for us. FOLLOW THE MORMONS< COME AND CLEAN THE FIELD.''  It was hilarious how he said it.  But we got a lot of respect from the community and now we have our plans for the day of the festivities.  

This week Elder Ospina was super sick. Like almost couldn’t go out to work sick. He asked me for a blessing and I gave him my first blessing in Spanish. That was on Thursday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we blessed 4 more people in all. I love how the Lord prepares us and uses us as a means of helping and blessing others through the power of the Priesthood. He prepares us in many ways through our trials and experiences.  I really felt like He was/is preparing me.  

Please tell all the USAFA Coaches thanks for their support and tell them I’ll give the West Point Cadet in my zone a hard time when we win.  

Other Funny story, We called on Mario and his wife.  She is super hesitant about continuing with the lessons.  I was the one teaching them.  Later that day, Elder Ospina asks me. '' Hey, how does Mario sound?'' (like how is he doing in learning the lessons)…so I responded ''Its a meeee, Mario!'' Like the videogame. We had a good laugh about that.  

9\11 is pretty risky for us down here. Pretty decent number of anti-gringos. So, we remembered 9/11 a little bit differently here.  We had to come back to the house early to avoid all the anti gringos.  So we decided to have an asado…which means to grill as if you were having a barbeque.  As you can see from my face I was very excited. We also did the math… there was more meat on that grill than there was on one of my companions body!!! XD  

I love you always and I’m grateful for everything you do.

Love Garrett 



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