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December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 

Hey mom! 

So, this week was very busy! Lots of activities, lots of lessons, not a lot of time to think.  

There was a number of rehearsals (of which I was placed in charged and directed) for the ward choir ) which was for our Christmas activity this past Friday as a ward. There was also a concert in downtown by some Americans along with some local people (the pianist plays for the Tabernacle Choir in General Conference.  We took our little abuelita investigador Antonieta to the concert and it was a good time. Thursday we stood in one of the plazas here sharing “He is the Gift” with over 600 people. I think there are photos on the mission blog. It was really fun to be able to show people right then and there what it is exactly what we believe in.  It made us all think how easy it would be in the U.S. to share the gospel where you can walk with your iPad and boom, share with people right there through video our beliefs . It’s different here, but we’re here for the right reason.  Then we actually had the ward activity on Friday.  

Despite the variety of activities, we still taught a lot of people. We found 2 more abuelitas (a grand total of 4 now) this week named Inez and Ramona, both by using the “He is the Gift” video form the church. Inez has a member friend who lives 2 doors down and already accepted being baptized.  Inez however had a family emergency and couldn’t go to church Sunday.  Anyways it was really cool to get to know her. We  spent the whole lesson with only her talking (we talked in whispers and REALLY moved our lips because she lip reads.) We left her mostly stuff to read and hopefully (fingers crossed), she takes what she reads to heart! 

We have been having some contention in the house, just different types of people, but I think its smoothed over now.  

Also, got the package from the Primary and Bishop. Please tell them thanks! 

This week I studied the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis, about selling/trading their birthright from something as measly as a bowl of soup. Apply it to our eternal birthright, the chance to live with God, and trading that away from something a stupid as a cigarette and sleeping in not to go to church. Lots to think about.   The Adversary is very smart and he knows exactly what will tempt us to give up our eternal reward.  So grateful for the Atonement! 

lots of Love  

Elder Watts


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