Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey mom!  

Thanks for the fantastic birthday wish!  I will be sure to enjoy the pizza :)  

The work has slowed a bit in our sector.  The other elders are on fire though!  I’m super happy for them because last cambio it was kind of the other way around. BUT, we have a renewed desire to work with members to help them help themselves, their family, and their friends learn and share the gospel. 

It has proven to be a slow process but the Missionary bear also gives them motivation.  The kids want him to bring him home to their house but he only comes if you are going to help the missionaries.  

Our investigators are all out of town so we work with a lot of less active people who did come to church. I actually gave a talk this Sunday because most those who were assigned talks were out of town.  I talked about how we are in a fight for our lives. The talk was centered around a scripture found in Mosiah 20:11:  “And it came to pass that

the people of Limhi began to drive the Lamanites before them; yet they were not half so numerous as the Lamanites.  But they fought for their lives, for their wives and for their children; therefore they exerted themselves and like dragons did they fight. 

We are fighting for our eternal reward!!  We are enlisted into the army of God upon our baptism and the end goal is reaching eternal life with our families.  Satan is very clever and in many ways his disguise is not very obvious.  He can deceive us to thinking what is good is in fact evil and what is evil is in fact good.  He is here trying to tear down the souls of men and women and families.  I am personally learning that we need to be more aware and cautious of what we do, what we see and what we hear.  We have Christ on our side.  Nothing is worth losing the opportunity to live with our families forever.  Nothing!!!


Elder Watts

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