Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5, 2015


Hope the resolutions of eating better and going to the gym haven’t already died off. If they have, well there’s always next year right?  

But this last week mom you had your b’day. Cumpleañps feliz FELIZ FELIZ te deseamos a ti A TI A TI cumpelañps LILA. Que te cumplas FELIZ! Thats happy birthday in Spanish. I hope you had an awesome birthday.  

Thank you Sister Pickens for the sign you made my mom on her special birthday. 

This last week we had a pretty good week. E Villasanti, my new comp from Formosa Argentina is trying really hard to learn English.  He already knows a lot, so every other day we speak only English. The plan is that by the end of our time together he speaks more gringo than Latino English. As a house we celebrated new years in the apartment with a fantastic view of the fireworks and Chinese confetti cannons in the house.  That was not a very smart idea because we had to clean them up the following morning.  

We are teaching a new family of 5, Gabriel and Inese the grandparents, Mabel the mom, and the two kids Maxi and Fernanda. Maxi and Fernanda are SMART.  They understand everything. The parents and grandparents are slower to understand or act but we have the faith they’re chosen and will progress. 
This week, I also had the sad mark to become 6 months old on the mish.  I left on July 2nd and Jan 2nd  has already passed.  One fourth of my time is already gone and it went by sooooooooo fast.  I had the ceremonial tie burning to commemorate the "joyous" day. 

During studies this week I have been trying to enjoy the Spanish Bible I got for Christmas (reading the New Testament).  I have also started Jesus the Christ over again along with it. Very goood stuff.  I would recommend to all.  I love reading the Book of Mormon every day.  I’m really trying to study and not just read the scriptures so the process is obviously slower.  

This is Elder Siaosi. He wanted a picture with me at the Christmas activity the mission held. 

The work goes on and I love it. We will be instituting Ward Home evenings soon in our ward to try to help strengthen it from the inside out. Hopefully the ward likes it because we’re very excited about it!!!! 

Love ya all and KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS!!!!!

Elder Watts



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