Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 11, 2014

Im writing you both because the computer i have today is rediculously slow and i dont know if i will have time for both! first of all mel, thank you for the pìcture of the little guy. Mom, thanks for the pictures of Jaycees baptism.

so happy to hear about JAycees baptism. thats fantastic!

this week was another not so great week but i get to go to the new missionary conference down in Conce this wednesday so that'll be fun.

we have no problem finding new investigadors, we just cant get anyone to complete their comittments or come to church. its a bit frustrating.

Elder Ospina loves the dog dazer. doesnt leave home with out it. He got bit by a german sheppard last transfer so now his mind is more at ease i think.

Funny story of the week

Explaination: In the mission there is one big family. Your trainer or your first companion is your Dad. therefore you are his son. if he trained other people you have brothers. and the whole family goes on form there.

Were walking down the street nd this kind of plump and a little bit drunk guys walks up to me and says, "WOOOOOOOOOOW... you're really tall!" then he looks at Elder Ospina and asks, "Is this your baby or something?" and i grin back and tell him, "NOPE! He´s actually my Dad!" And the look on nthe guys nface was complete confusion but Elder Ospina and i were cracking up.

Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and all that you do Mom. I love you so much. Im attaching photos from our trip`to the snow and dont worry, there is a large red mark on my face because i scrapped my face penguin sliding on the mountain. but there is also a progress picture and its alot better. Also i got a haircut this week since Bishop Baer was wrong and i dont havce to have long hair to be a missionary. It feels good to have it back. Ok loove you!




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