Monday, August 18, 2014

July 21, 2014

Okay, so we got to Conce. after an hour plane ride from santiago. We then had some orientation stuff, got paired up with our companions and were off!!! our are is in a town called Chillan in the middle of chile about an 1:30 from conce. Elder Ospina, my trainer, is exactly what i wouldve hoped for. a 5´3" columbian!!!! its liike they did it on purpose! we live with 4 other missionaries who happen to be the zone leaders and our district leaders. WE HAVE A GYM!!! every morning we go and lift and its fantastic. There’s an outside linebacker for byu that is one of the zone leaders and the other one was an AP so we get a ot of cool priviledges. our day to day activities go as follows

wake and study-630


shower and prep/service projects1030-1230

1245-130 transit, shower, and head off to lunch,

145-300 lunch (lunch is like the only meal here but its freakin huge)

315-430 study the language

430-930 tracting, lessons and missionary work.

945-1030 planning

1030-11 quick bite to eat and bedtime

oh btw, i never want to see another dog in my life. There’s got to be 1 dog every 20 feet here.

Okay time for the funny story of the week,
So were chopping wood as a service project for a recent convert named elsa. Well after getting halfway through the pile of wood. I may or may not have broken her axe. Okay, i broke it but to be fair it was a crappy axe. So we come back the next day after borrowing an axe from another member. 5 pieces of wood later.... guess who broke the second axe. yup. 2 axes. 2 days. At least you can’t say I’m inconsistent! so today along with groceries we will be looking for 2 axes to replace the ones we broke

Please pray for our investigators ricardo and katherine that they can find the strength to complete their goals. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

elder Watts


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