Monday, August 18, 2014

July 8, 2014

July 8th


Ive grown so much in the last week spiritually and i think im starting to recognize when the spirit is present more! testim ony meeting on sunday was baaaaad... im not gonna say i cried like a baby but if a baby cried you wouldnt have known it becasue i was already making similar noises. I guess its in the Watts genes. I will not be making fun of how often and easily you cry during testimony meets ever again. Okay maybe once but....The CCM is great. I love my district of Latinos and fellow Half-gringos!

We practice and are in classes close to 12 hours a day here. A lot of people complain but its not like im not used to long days on low sleep! All the Lations wanna learn FOOTBALL! its awesome! My spanish is getting better too! i can understand about 95% of eveyrthing said i just cant think of my response fast enough but it will come in time. Thats awesome about Jaycee! Have her email me. Theres something i wanna say to her! Piso... (kind of like "well" but for the gringos) My companions are a peruvian named Elder Rivasplata (RP for short) and a Utah kid named Elder Turner! were still working out the quirks but its getting better with every mock lession and role playinng we do! Its great having a native speaker as a companion because it forces us to speak spanish! But he also has really bad tendonitis in both of his achillles. Elder Turner and i gave him a blessing and took him to the doc. Were waiting on blood results now.  


I have decided to share a "FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK" every week in order maintain my oh so positive possibility of being a comedian. 

ok here goes: "We arrived on the first day and were eating lunch in the cafeteria when suddenly these three elders we had never seen before showed up. Turns out that they had already been here for two weeks. I dont remember all there names but the one i did remember was Elder Ballard. (kind of like the apostale) so i proceeded to make a donkey of myself and make the obvious joke. If you dont know what the obvious joke is we are not friends anymore. Anyways, made the joke and Elder Ballard responds.... "Yea... thats my grandpa" WHAT?!?!? i mean of all the people named Ballard (figures say that there are approximatley a made up but still very large number of Ballards)" 

There she is! aint she purty? There were several stories that did not make the cut but there will be... 103 more to come (103 more weeks in my two years for those who didnt catch that) 

I Love you all and I know that My Reedemer Lives and that this is the way to find eternal happiness 

All my love and Blessings,

Elder Watts  

PS. No, for those of you who were wondering, i am not dead.


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