Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear Mom,

This week we finally saw a turn around. We got to find a lot of new people to teach about the Gospel and we did a lot of service. We also went on a mini-transfer for a day with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Peter Morgan, who left this Sunday to finish his mission. In our mini transfer Elder Morgan said that the only thing i need to work on is opening my mouth. He said that I teach well, and can relate to people well but sometimes he could tell that I had something to say but wasn’t saying it.

We had transfers this morning. I’ll be with Elder Ospina for another 6 weeks! WOOHOO! We are finally starting to make some progress in our sector and it’ll be nice for him to see some of the results.




So this week like a said we found a lot of new people. One way we´ve found the best way for people to listen to us is to serve them. SO we see a couple of guys pushing a car cause it was out of gas and we decide to help out. As soon as we got there, 2 of the three guys left. So there’s 3 now, me and 2 very small latinos. We pushed this car for almost 13 blocks to the nearest gas station, and when i say we...I mean I. So after pushing the car to the gas station, the person who was steering gets out and starts to thank us. Turns out she is a less active member of the Church, like hasn’t gone to church in 9 years. We set a date to stop by and start teaching them again in a couple days. But when we go by they forgot to mention that it was her birthday and that they invited us to a birthday party. That is to say we set another date to come back later when everyone wasn’t wasted. So that didn’t go as well as we planned, but I thought it was hilarious how I would push the car the whole times and the two latinos just talked while I did all the work. Can´t blame them though, I was the best one for the job.

This week I’ve learned a lot about patience. We had 5 really hard weeks. We couldn’t find a lot of people, no one would read or pray and it was very hard. And then this week we find so many! It just goes to show that the Lord has a time and place for everything. We just have to keep trying our best and know that one day the results or situation will improve. 


I’m gonna attach pictures of The Final First house pictures and Elder Morgan heading off to be released and head home. But other than that not too many pictures this week cuz we were are hard at work!  love all of you and want you to know that Our Reedemer lives and loves each of you.


Elder Watts




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